Death By Chocolate Guest List

Chastity Corman is the Bride to Be. Chastity has always been involved in charitable works. No one was aware that Miles and Chastity were acquainted. It was a big shock when their families announced their engagement.

Kinzie is Chastity’s best friend and Maid of Honor. Kinzie is a successful investment banker. There are whispers that some big deal she was working on has just fallen through.

Madeline Corman is this town’s most influential member of society.  She is Chastity’s mother and wife to Charles Corman, who is owner of Majestic Confectioners.

Melissa is one of Chastity’s best friends and a bridesmaid.  Marriage has been her favorite subject ever since she was a little girl. Despite this, she remains unmarried. In some societies, they would call her a spinster.

Porsche Heart is married to Matt, a local racing driver, who used to like fast women as much as his fast cars. Porsche and Matt had a whirlwind romance and were married within three months. They just returned from their honeymoon in Rio de Janeiro.

Victoria Belvedere is the matriarch of the Belvedere Ship family and fortune. Her son Miles is the groom. Victoria is always involved in one charity or another. She is also a longstanding member of the Spirited Sisterhood Society.

Bonnie Straight grew up with Chastity, Kinzie, Melissa and Porsche. They were inseparable as children, until Bonnie’s father disappeared and they lost everything. Charles Corman gave her mom, Elise, a job and she worked her way up to CEO. Bonnie became a homicide detective for the local police department.

Justine is the owner of Lady Godiva’s Day Spa and a friend of Madeline Corman’s. Justine is also the founder of the Spirited Sisterhood Society and is heavily involved in charity work.

Tyra and Chastity became friends when they both started doing volunteer work with the local Children’s Charity.  Word is that a donor is about to announce a huge donation to the charity that will allow them to add a children’s wing to the local hospital. Tyra has been divorced twice.

Carina is Chastity’s cousin and friend. Carina is an artist whose paintings have been shown statewide. She will be the photographer for the upcoming nuptials.

Blair is a large shareholder in the first Casino in this area. Chastity backed her to buy into the Casino. She is also the Black Jack Manager for that casino now.

Rae is the Wedding Planner of choice for high society. She is, of course, the planner for this historic wedding event.

Pearl is Madeline’s sister and Chastity’s Godmother. She has devoted her life to charitable works and her Goddaughter’s happiness.

Belinda grew up next door to the Belvedere family. It was expected that she and Mile’s would end up married to each other. It was a shock to her and her family when the Belvederes announced their son’s engagement to Chastity Corman!

Elise Straight is the CEO of Majestic Confectionery and mother to Bonnie. Rumors are being whispered that she contacted a headhunter to find a position with another company. She denies this rumor vehemently.

Angelica Dufaux is Montgomery Belvedere’s half sister; they share the same father. Angelica has always been distant with the rest of the Belvedere family. It seems her interest in the family began when their father died, and she discovered she might have a chance of inheriting a multi-million dollar company.

Kimberly Dufaux is Angelica’s daughter. Kimberly and her brother, Cody, do not speak at all these days. The family refuses to discuss the reasons for the feud.

Charles “Chuck” Corman is owner of the oldest and most respected chocolate manufacturer in America, Majestic Confectionery. He is married to Madeline.

Miles Belvedere is the groom to be and the sole heir of Victoria and Montgomery Belvedere, owners of the famous Belvedere Ship Company.

Montgomery Belvedere is owner of the famous Belvedere Ship Corporation, maker's of the finest yachts in the world today. Montgomery is a very powerful man who knows how to get exactly what he wants.

Cody Dufaux is Miles Belvedere’s best man and cousin. Cody was spotted out with Chastity two nights ago and everyone has been buzzing in speculation. The Belvedere’s have responded by saying the rumor was started by Cody’s mother, Angelica in an attempt to prevent the marriage.

Matt Heart is a semi-famous racecar driver who is married to Porsche. He is famous in these parts for loving fast cars and fast women. He claims he has sworn off the fast women since his marriage.