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What if I have shy or reluctant guests?

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What if I have shy or reluctant guests?

Postby 2coolbaby » November 10th, 2004, 6:16 am

Believe it or not I am an introvert. I have a very hard time talking to people I don't know and find it impossible to just strike up a conversation with a stranger. I wrote these games so that even people like me could have fun with them. I have found that when I am playing a part & I have objectives laid out and things to do, that I am not longer introverted. These games allow me to be what I am not in my normal life. I have held many of these parties & have NEVER had a participant that sat back in a corner doing nothing. Every introvert wishes that they could be an extrovert. This whole format just allows them to be that without having to overcome their shyness. To help accomodate the shy ones I would suggest that you assign your more outgoing guests the main roles & have your more shy guests as secondary characters.

To give you an example of a reluctant guest let me tell you the story of my last party. My 62 year old mother had never been to one of my parties. I decided it was time for her to go to one. I had logical reasons. If something happened to me how could she help my customers if she had never even been to one of my parties? Let's face it if I wasn't around it would take everyone in my family to do my job :lol: My mother was VERY reluctant to participate. She said that something like that just held no interest for her and she would probably ruin the whole party. It took me weeks of threatening, badgering and pleading before she finally agreed to come, on the condition that I invite her 3 best friends so she would not feel out of place among all of us young people (mostly 40's:-) So we struck a deal and I gave her the part of the Baroness Ravioli in Murder at the Four Deuces. When the party started it took her about 30 seconds to start getting into her part. She lorded it over everyone, she grieved loudly for her murdered son, she offered to take out someone my character needed removed. (I was playing her granddaughter Rebecca) Of course she didn't do this out of the goodness of her heart because "Grandma has a lifestyle to maintain!" The list goes on and on. At the end of the night she was unanimously voted the Best Actor by all! She also told me that she would never miss another of my parties again. She now brags about her daughter and what I do to everyone. Before she just didn't understand what a murder mystery game was or how much joy my creations can bring to people. Her 3 friends who were also not terribly excited by the idea had a ball and 7 months later they still talk about it!

So if you have reluctant guests send them a copy of this post. They are also welcome to call or email me with any questions they might have. Most people that attend these parties are first timers and some will be unsure of whether they will enjoy themselves. This is natural, but when you throw your second party you will have no problem getting your previous guests to attend!
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