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Scripted or Interactive

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Scripted or Interactive

Postby 2coolbaby » March 9th, 2006, 2:57 pm

Are your games scripted? If not, how do they work? Have you had problems or complaints about your method?

I have not once in 4 years of selling these had a complaint about the fact that they are not scripted. In fact all feedback I have recieved from people who have done scripted games is that they will never go back to scripted games after doing ours.

With a scripted game people take turn reading from a card, or they read info in rounds & then try to figure out who committed a murder. Now let's take a look at ours.

First each guest gets a character background, which gives them the information they need to play a character. They will be able to get into the characters head. They will know what their past was like, who they are related to at the party & who their friends and enemies are. All described in an easily readable way. Not facts just thrown out. Kind of like a good book where the writer gives you the info about the books main character and setting. Later you will get a Confidential Booklet which gives you the real juicy stuff!

There are many shady plots in our kits. Everyone will be involved in at least 1 and up to 3 of these. We want to give them plenty to do without overwhelming them. They will want to work these plots and in the process keep their secrets hidden.

They will also have knowledge or hints to plots others may be involved in. It will make perfect sense that they have this knowledge. We don't just pull things out of the air as some do! This knowledge will give them ammunition to get what they want or need. They could use this info to accomplish something they need done that involves one of their plots.

We then give your characters a list of things to do. We do not script these & they can say what they want, how they want, when they want! This allows things to flow freely without being stilted (or scripted sounding!). These things to do could have many different effects. Just depends on the people involved and how they react.

IE: Your actions might:

Start a fight between two characters.
Unknowingly or maybe even knowingly reveal someones secret.
Reveal things.. a lie someone has told, what someone is up to.
Get someone to do something.
Move along a situation.
Just plain aggrivate another character because your character does not like them:)

Really the list can go on and on, but rest assured I make sure that every characters "Things to Do", has a purpose to it.

Now to really explain the difference in our method of play!

Lets say Mac is a friend of Mary's or so everyone thinks. Maybe Mac has been secretly coveting Mary's treasured Ming Vase. Mac knows where Mary keeps a spare key & plots to take the vase for his own.

One day when Mary is at work, Mac decides to use the spare key and take the vase. In the process Jennifer who just moved in next door to Mary just happened to be at the kitchen table and saw Mac leaving with the Vase.

That night Mary is distraught, reports the Vase missing, while her friend Mac consoles her for it's loss.

Now the question is: How is Jennifer going to handle this situation? In our games she can handle it in ANY way she wants.

Does she tell the police what she saw?
Does she tell Mary that it was her best friend that took it?
Does she blackmail Mac about it? Either for money or to accomplish a goal.

And many things can go from there:
Say Jennifer blackmails Mac, maybe he digs up something on her or finds a way to mess up something she is involved in. Or maybe even decides to kill her!

Maybe Jennifer tells Mary & Mary does not believe her and instead thinks that maybe Jennifer stole it. Seems funny that she just happened to be home from work when it came up missing? Maybe Mary will tell the police what she thinks.

Maybe Jennifer tells Mary & Mary believes her. Then Mary decides to reveal some secrets that Mac had confided to her. Secrets that might get him into serious trouble with other characters.

I think you are starting to get the picture. ANYTHING can happen at our parties. This is absolutely not true at a scripted party. There is no room for people to scheme and plot in any way. You just read what they have given you. Period. By their nature scripted games are much easier to write. An interactive game is much more difficult to write. One wrong tidbit or not putting things in the sheets correctly will confuse and mess things up. This is why so many people create scripted games. They can control and force things to go how they want. You have to be able to really see actions and reactions and all possible scenarios to create an interactive game.

So how did I accomplish the above in the character sheets anyway?

Mac and Mary's sheets tell them they have ben best friends since childhood, plus:

Macs sheet says that he has always wanted that Ming Vase and decides to take it. He knew where her spare key was and when she would be at work, so it was simple to do.

Mary's sheet tells her that her treasured vase was stolen & she reported it to the police. She is distraught about it. She also knows the there is a new girl who just moved in, who she thinks is named Jennifer.

Jennifers sheet tells her that she just moved in and saw Mac carrying out the Ming Vase. She had seen Mac there many times & got the impression Mac and Mary were good friends.

Now add the fact that In Taras sheet her best friend Jennifer told her what had happened.

So now you can see how one small paragraph in a few characters sheets can create a plot that can result in many, many different scenarios. All of them sneaky and fun to play! Of course you can also see how not putting something in someones sheet could mess things up. What if I had not put anything about this in Mary's sheet!

There is absolutely no way you can get that feeling and fun by reading a line that tells you what you did and what happened when you did it!
Mary Lee
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