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March 2008 Contest Winner - Four Deuces- Lafayette, LA

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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March 2008 Contest Winner - Four Deuces- Lafayette, LA

Postby jaesonclint » April 8th, 2008, 12:57 pm

I attended a Murder Mystery Party last year in another city and had a blast. I knew my friends locally would jump on the opportunity to do something like this. So I planned it out and decided on Murder at the Four Deuces.

After about a month of planning and purchasing the props, decorations and finding my music to play in the background, I was pumped. It seemed everyone couldnt wait. I was getting phone calls as friends were renting, buying, or making their costumes telling me this was going to be the best party ever.

The day before the party I managed to get the house ready. I hung up the wall murals, painted my 4ft picture window on the front of the house with Window Paint "The 4 Deuces" with large cutouts of Playing cards attached to the window.

Of course with every function you have last minute cancelations. The Baroness had to cancel. And I had no one to play the part. So I decided I would play it. My friends were going to roll when they seen me as a woman. So I had to rush to the costume shop and to my amazment they actually had a dress to fit a guy my size.

As friends started showing up by the car loads I (the Baroness) stood in the living room greeting them as they came in with my tiara and dress on.

I have a sunken dining room that I was able to shut off from the main portion of my house which acted as my SpeakEasy. Once the game was kicked off and characters started chatting with each other, Don and MeMe welcomed everyone and invited everyone "to the back".

Everyone gathered around the Card table and Roulette table and began playing when the lights went out and Big Jim was murdered.

The person playing Big Jim of course was all into character and made everyone laugh the way he positoned himself and died.

The night continued with the scavenger hunt for weapons. This added so much excitment with the crowd.

We also had a dance off with the Charleston, with everyone pairing up and learning the dance while judges eliminated down to the best dancers.

We shot quarters in the SpeakEasy for extra "money". This is the part I should have shortened the time on, being most everyone had to do several shots.

It seemed everyone that found weapons were wanting to commit murder. And characters that didnt find a weapon were trying to buy a weapon card from other players they thought may have had one. And seeing some of the players actually buy a blank piece of paper from another player was e'ffn hilarious.

Everyone had a blast. Im planning on hosting another one in May and everyone is planning on attending the next one with 15 additional people wanting to attend it.

Thanks for making such a user friendly game. My party was a success because of you!
Rebecca showing off her award for best actress
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"I KILLLLLLLLLED no one" states Don Wannabe
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the Inspector and Toto
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Don Wannabe
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Inpector and Al.jpg
The Inspector and AL
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Congressman/ also played Big Jim at the beginning of the game
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Carrie doing her version of the Charleston
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Me as the Baroness
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the guy who was the baroness

Postby lovethisidea » April 16th, 2008, 8:11 pm

anyone who did the 4 deuces my wife's 40th birthday is in May I have 35 people coming and i have purchased ebay pictures of semi nude flappers and I have been working hard to get a magazine or newspaper made but where do you all buy those wall murals in your photos??? please help me I am in New York upstate
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Postby 2coolbaby » April 17th, 2008, 10:06 am

I know I was told how one woman took regular magazines and then created mock headlines on 20's photos or magazine pictures and glued them on top of real magazines and had them laying around. They just appeared to be 20's magazines.
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Postby jaesonclint » April 21st, 2008, 1:21 pm

I bought my murals from a local party store. The bar mural was in the country western section.
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