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Oct 2008 Winner Four Deuces a ROARING success in Ontario, Ca

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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Oct 2008 Winner Four Deuces a ROARING success in Ontario, Ca

Postby devigoliath » October 28th, 2008, 10:41 pm

I’ve been throwing murder mystery parties for the past 4 years to take advantage of my husband’s mid-October birthday and Halloween to get dressed up and become someone else. When I read the description of the Four Deuces, I knew that this world of gangster living was right up his ally! He is fascinated by a world of fine clothing, gambling, and mobsters of all sorts. This was my second non-scripted murder mystery, but by far the easiest flowing and least complicated to organize. I am looking forward to another one of yours as is everyone who played along – particularly if it’s the sequel!

The planning began in early September when we assigned characters and sent out invitations to both veterans of the game and newcomers alike. We thought the mix would make for an interesting evening – the old encouraging and egging on the new; the new creating mystery and intrigue with unknown personalities for the old. I played the part of a cigarette girl, Trixie, so that I could serve guests and take care of other things that my acting hosts, Madam MeMe and Don Wannabe would not be able to.

The entire main floor of our house was transformed into a fine Juice Joint, complete with lighted stage, casino area with craps and poker tables, bar, lounge seating, dark draped walls and a red light streaming from the stairwell leading upstairs which would indicate where the brothel was located. We even rented a lamp post for the entryway to highlight the grand opening sign, and a 20’s car cutout with a backdrop for photos. The bar contained everything from “bathtub” gin to “bathtub” vodka, which was all labeled accordingly. We even had specialty shooters called “Royal Flush”, “Gunshot Wound”, and “Juicy Deuce”, and a couple of virgin ones called “Poker Face” and “Shooting Blanks” for the pregnant ladies and non drinkers in the group.

A crossword puzzle was sent in advance from a puzzle maker website I’d found on-line. The crossword puzzle needed to be solved and then the words arranged to come up with a pass phrase in order to enter the Speakeasy. We chose to use the ever popular phrase “keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer”.

Along with the Action Cards, I also made up “Chance” cards and printed and pasted them all on regular playing cards so that each player could choose a card with something on it. Each of the Action cards were pasted onto one of the deuce cards in the deck and at the end of the evening, those players won poker chip key chains that I found at the dollar store. The chance cards had games on them such as “roll a 7 or 11 using the 4 Deuces’ craps dice and win $25”, or “cut the 4 deuces deck of cards, get a face card and win $50”. I also printed out the weapons cards and pasted them on playing cards before I hid them as well. Everyone loved the concept of a “game within a game”, and found that if they won a little extra cash they could use it to up the ante against someone else who wanted to “buy” the same information – it was hilarious, I didn’t realize some of my friends could be so conniving!!

Once everyone arrived (some with Chicago accents!), they were all given an envelope with the necessaries (name tag, money, etc). The Baroness arrived with an heir of snobbery and threw off her stole into Al Capone’s hands and left him standing there with his mouth open. Carrie had such a believable bruise that some guests actually asked her if it was real. Once the night got rolling, Don Wannabe made an announcement that everyone would get a complimentary $25 worth of poker chips to use when playing the tables, as a thank-you coming to help celebrate the grand opening. I thought this would also be a great way to introduce more money into the game for those on a mission to win the wealthiest player award. I would also inconspicuously drop a $10 or $20 bill here or there for someone to find. There were a couple of people who were getting pretty good at pick-pocketing too!

Since it was my husband’s birthday and he was playing Al Capone, I decided to light his birthday cake candles and make an announcement that Mr. Capone was sharing a birthday with the Deuces’ opening and would Carrie grace us with her rendition of Happy Birthday. Beforehand, I had made arrangements with Big Jim to interrupt Carrie before she started to sing to make his announcement. That was my cue, and things went down like clockwork. The murder was very dramatic! Carrie ran off the stage and flung herself onto the body and sobbed quite loudly while the Baroness drew a loud breath, let out a loud, moaning sob and fainted. Incidentally, the Baroness was played by a male and won best overall performer and deservingly so! And so began the treachery…

Before the night was over, there were 3 other murders – first Sly Sleaze was poisoned at the bar with a drink discreetly handed to him by the Congressman. Next, Carrie was killed with the brick stuffed purse by Al Capone, who was well paid off by the Baroness to do so. He also pretended to cry when the body was found to “keep up appearances”. The final murder was the Capo who was also killed off by Al Capone, who was paid off by several different people with the same agenda. Needless to say, Al won the wealthiest player award. Carrie and the Inspector won the best female and male costumes, equally tied with the Baroness.

The night ended off with a bit of Karaoke on the stage, a few pictures, and a lot of laughs. It was funny to see people who didn’t know each other before still calling each other the character names.

They all parted with a shot glass and a relabeled airplane bottle of gin (Four Deuces specialty Bathtub Gin), and a deck of cards. I can’t count the number of times that I got asked how I will top this one next year….
Whew! What a night!
DSC_2554 (Medium).JPG
Al Capone and "Trixie"
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DSC_0045 (Medium).JPG
Carrie Crooner poses with Don Wannabe under her "name in lights"
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DSC_0022 (Medium).JPG
The guys
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DSC_0013 (Medium).JPG
"The Baroness" - Our Best Overall Performer
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DSC_0004 (Medium).JPG
Entrance required 3 knocks and a pass phrase
DSC_0004 (Medium).JPG (38.96 KiB) Viewed 5854 times
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Re: Murder at the Four Deuces a ROARING success in Ontario, Cana

Postby 2coolbaby » November 17th, 2008, 11:41 pm

WOW, I absolutely LOVE your entry and your so creative ideas! I will make sure I post a LOT of these to the twenties theme page.

Where did you get your graphics from?
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