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Nov 2008 Winner. Murder at the Four Deuces 30th Birthday NY

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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Nov 2008 Winner. Murder at the Four Deuces 30th Birthday NY

Postby agjanet » November 18th, 2008, 11:30 am

For my 30th birthday party, my husband and I hosted the Murder and the Four Deuces.

The guests, including us, were all first-timers and a little apprehensive at first, but we quickly got into the swing of things. Many of the guests went to a rental store to get great costumes for the night. Some of us met the previous evening to make our headpieces from feathers, buttons and stretch sequin trim that we got at a craft store. Even my brother-in-law, who was dead-set against participating, ended up having a great time and was murdered at the end of the night.

We decorated the main part of our house like a 20's club. In the living room, we made a dance floor and found a channel on the satellite dish that played 20's-like music all night long. Next to the dance floor, we setup 20-inch round tables in black tablecloths and black sparkly fabric overlays. On top of the tables, we placed 3 white votive candles surrounded by silver shredded paper (the stuff you use to fill gift baskets). White, black and sliver balloons completed our "lounge" area. We also setup a gambling table. I purchased 1 yard of green felt and made a blackjack layout with fabric paints, which fit almost perfectly on top of the dining room table.

As our guests came through the door, we handed them an envelope that contained a notebook, poker chips, money and any other items that the characters needed for the night like the evidence that some of the characters needed at the start of the game. I purchased some extra boas, necklaces, cigarette holders and gangster hats at a cheap party supply store for our guests to use if they didn't dress up or wanted some extra accessories.

For the notebooks, I took the 4 Deuces image you provided and put it on cardstock. Then I added 5 pages of notebook paper and created a booklet for my guests to use for their notes.

For the flyer, I found a website where I could create "Carrie Crooner". I used an existing picture I had of my sister, who was playing Carrie, and was able to modify the picture so she was wearing a flapper dress, makeup, feather, and even a mole on her check. I used the new image to create the Grand Opening flyer that we put on the door that our guests were using to enter the party.

I printed some pictures of flappers from another website and put some in our existing picture frames. Others I just taped up in strategic parts of the house. I even had some old wedding pictures of my great-great grandparents that I dug up and used for the party.

In the kitchen, we setup a drink station and used the sink as our "metal tub". We piled the ice on top of beer, soda, juice, etc. in our sink and it worked out perfectly with no messy cleanup. We also had some bottles of liquor setup near the sink with plain paper cups, just like in the 20's.

Once all the guests arrived, we read the host rules and answered some question, the fun really started. People quickly "understood" what they needed to do and quickly started their investigations. The normally quiet and reserved people were some of the best performers and immediately came out of their shells.

My husband played Big Jim and as he started his announcement, the lights went out and a gunshot was heard. When the lights came back on, he was dead on the floor and people quickly looted his pockets. I played a secondary character so I could participate, but still perform a lot of the host duties.

The blackjack table was a big hit and an easy way to get people to mingle. We convinced my brother-in-law, who didn't want to participate in the party, to be the blackjack dealer and even he was quickly consumed by the enthusiasm of the other guests.

For the prizes at the end of the night, we used the certificates, but also purchased some extra prizes. For those who solved the murder (there were only 2), we gave a magnifying glass (from the dollar store). The Wealthiest player got a Pay Day candy bar. The Best Performer got a Take5 candy bar. The Best Costume got a package of Starburst.

Everyone had a great time and came over the next day to rehash the entire event and help us finish the leftover food. People are already asking to do the sequel for New Year's Eve!

It was the perfect 30th birthday.
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Re: Murder at the Four Deuces - 30th Birthday NY

Postby 2coolbaby » November 18th, 2008, 12:47 pm

Thanks so much for sharing. Do you know where you were able to create the Carrie Crooner image? I would LOVE to share that. I believe that a lot of people would be interested in it.
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Re: Murder at the Four Deuces - 30th Birthday NY

Postby agjanet » November 29th, 2008, 10:45 am

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