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Dec 2008 Winner - Murder at The Four Deuces in Wheaton, IL

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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Dec 2008 Winner - Murder at The Four Deuces in Wheaton, IL

Postby alfpiano » December 1st, 2008, 1:51 am

The guests arrived at the grand opening of The Four Deuces in Wheaton, IL decked out in full 1920’s garb. As they arrived, they were welcomed by the sound of some smooth ’20’s jazz tunes by such greats as Duke Ellington, Bessie Smith, and Bix Beiderbecke. A card table was set up, and some of the guests immediately sat down for a game of poker.

four deuces pic 1.jpg
from the front, Donna Wannabe, Don Ravioli, Rhett Bumbler, and Vanessa Crooner play a hand of poker before the night takes its sinister turn...
four deuces pic 1.jpg (62.55 KiB) Viewed 4721 times

As soon as all the guests arrived, they settled down for a delicious Italian dinner prepared by Don Wannabe himself. As the guests enjoyed their meal at a red-, white-, and black-themed table (in the spirit of the playing cards theme of the evening), they went around the table and had more formal introductions so that everyone would get to know each other.

four deuces pic 2.jpg
starting at the front left, Don Wannabe, Madam MeMe, Toto Tequila, Mary Toosteal, Al Capone, Carrie Crooner, Sly Sleaze, Baroness Ravioli, Mayor Bumpkin, Vanessa Crooner, Rhett Bumbler, Rebecca Ravioli, Don Ravioli, Vicky Ravioli, Inspector Nutella, and Donna Wannabe, gathered together for the evening meal...
four deuces pic 2.jpg (62.31 KiB) Viewed 4722 times

When dinner concluded, the guests began to mingle, and everything seemed to be going smoothly until suddenly, the lights went out and a shot was heard. When the lights were turned back on, there was Don Big Jim Ravioli, lying dead on the floor. The room took on a somber (and certainly a suspicious) air as Inspector Nutella and Don Wannabe carried his body from the room. When they came back, the Inspector informed everyone that they were no longer permitted to leave the establishment, as they were all suspects in Jim’s death!

As the Inspector tried to maintain control of his suspects, they turned to blackmail and extortion to get secrets out of each other and to protect themselves. As the evening progressed, some of the guests even turned to murder! Following Big Jim’s death, four more murders occurred on that fateful night – those of Mary Toosteal, Baroness Ravioli, the Inspector, and Capo Toto Tequila. In addition, many of the guests used their time that evening to pursue some very illicit relationships, including some affairs, right underneath the noses of their current partners! Said the Baroness before she died,
I was amused by the amount of flirtatious behavior by many of the young tarts that were there. Thinking that they could obtain political, monetary, and/or social favors by allowing themselves to be used like that!! It is certainly a sad commentary on our times. In MY day, a woman of good character would be much more discreet with that sort of thing…how do you think I got to the high social status I have?
Her methods certainly became apparent when it was revealed that she and xxxxxx were having an affair.

four deuces pic 3.jpg
The guests flirt, extort, and exchange secrets.
four deuces pic 3.jpg (41.89 KiB) Viewed 4722 times

And so the evening progressed, and the true colors of each guest came out. No guest was above blackmail, lying, or stealing. Don Wannabe in particular revealed his true nature, and it was not a pretty picture. Nearly every guest had something to say about him. Carrie Crooner wrote that
the most sinister individual was certainly Don Wannabe, whose scheming was obvious, though you could never pin things directly on him. I was quite afraid for my life most of the night due to his plotting.
The Inspector was suspicious of Don Wannabe from the beginning (as were most of the other guests, as was clear when an outstanding majority of them voted that he was Big Jim’s murderer), and commented on how slippery a customer he was to keep an eye on.
I have some recollection,
he wrote,
of guests dropping like flies every time Don Wannabe left the room (despite my repeated instructions for him to remain put!).
The most scathing review of Don Wannabe’s actions, however, came from Al Capone.
He worked me, Al Capone, like a dog! We eventually came to blows when he pushed me too far. Near the beginning he asked me to persuade the Inspector to give up a piece of evidence that had not been brought to light yet, which I shelled out $60 for. Later the Don requested that I play a hand of poker with Rhett Bumbler and let him win since he was becoming a problem and to keep him quiet. It got to be quite trying to put up with the Don's demands, most of which did little for my goals. All the guests had notepads to keep track of things learned, but I had sadly dug up little dirt on people, and none that I could not remember on my own, although at one point Vicky Ravioli came up to me and we struck up an alliance, though I knew she had been doing this with everyone she could, and she said we should put our names on our notepad so we did. When Don pulled me aside into a secluded room and asked me if I had been keeping good notes all evening, I said yes (he was my slightly psycho boss, what else was I going to say, No, I am sorry, I've been too busy having an affair with xxxxxx and chatting up your wife?. He proceeded to use a action card that demanded I show him my notepad for 30 seconds. I just started laughing and handed him my notepad. The look on his face was priceless as he realized that the only thing on the entire sheet were the words, [Vicky - Al]...Needless to say, this widened the already strained gap between us. Heated words were exchanged and I informed him that I would no longer be his lapdog. He took this news...badly, which led to him attacking me physically and I had no choice but to defend myself; fortunately I had my handy-dandy cane along. It worked quite nicely. I am ashamed to admit that I tried to take advantage of Donna Wannabe after this as retribution. She screamed. There were some awkward questions, but it was worth it.

four deuces pic 4.jpg
Al Capone, all riled up after a major confrontation with his boss, Don Wannabe, that ended in Al attacking the Don with his cane.
four deuces pic 4.jpg (37.25 KiB) Viewed 4719 times

As the action died down, the Inspector (or, really, the Inspector’s ghost) gathered all the guests together for his grand summation, finally satisfying everyone’s curiosity, as they learned that in xxxxxx frustrated state of being unable to xxxxxx was the one who knocked off the Don. This shocked most of the guests (in fact, xxxxxx was the only one who solved the case), who, due to his slimy and suspicious character.

four deuces pic 5.jpg
from left, Vanessa Crooner, Madam MeMe, and Don Wannabe look on as the Inspector gives his summation at the end of the evening...
four deuces pic 5.jpg (53.22 KiB) Viewed 4721 times

All things told, despite all the lies and blackmailing going on, the evening was quite a success. Some, writing from beyond the grave, were not very satisfied with the evening (although it might seem that they were just a little bitter about their own deaths during the course of the evening). Toto wrote,
I start working this other fellow who had some Chi-town bookie connections. I thought he was my friend, ‘till he put an ice pick through my chest!
However, most people seemed quite pleased with the evening. The Inspector said,
the bribery and debauchery were altogether quite fun, and I highly recommend the company of those women to any bon homme around the Chicago area.
Mayor Bumpkin wrote,
As the mayor of this town, I vow to bring an end to all this crime wave that has hit our great city. I can only hope that the citizens will continue to support my administration in order to help our efforts continue on into the years to come.
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Re: Murder at The Four Deuces in Wheaton, IL - November 01, 2008

Postby 2coolbaby » December 2nd, 2008, 12:06 am

I love it! I did have to do a LOT of xxxx's as spoilers are not allowed on the forum. I hope you understand, we don't want to ruin anything for someone who has not yet had their party. A lot of people look at the contest entries to get an idea of what the game would be like. I think it all reads well, even with the edits.
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