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February 09 Winner - The Four Deuces in Seattle

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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February 09 Winner - The Four Deuces in Seattle

Postby junojewels » February 15th, 2009, 11:57 pm

My friends and I have always wanted to do a Murder Mystery but I didn’t know anything about them. I did some research on the internet and your products were highly recommended on another website I found. When I read about “Murder at The Four Deuces”, I knew that was the one to start with. I cannot thank you enough for the incredible night and wonderful memories you’ve given me and my friends. Also, you’ve made me quite a hero, as I’ve now been designated the “Queen of All Parties”. You made me look like a real star, and I give you all the credit. The materials were professionally created, easy to assemble, and so well organized, I couldn’t have failed. (I was born on April fool’s day, so I always say something is “Fool Proof” if I can figure them out!)

I began planning the party a month in advance although; anyone could do this party at a moment’s notice because all the information is so easy to read and put together. I read through the online forum on your site, which was unbelievably helpful because people gave such great input and answered all the questions I had. I decided to purchase the boxed game based on your comments that the downloaded game takes quite a bit of time to print, not to mention ink and paper. I used the online event management system too, which was great. Every week, I sent out a party email with a different topic so that the anticipation of the party would build. The first week after I got each person’s rsvp, and assigned characters, I sent out an email about costumes. I had gone around to different party stores and 2nd hand stores in my area to see what they had in stock and how much things were. I also got on the internet and found links to a variety of costume suppliers and included all that info in my email. The 2nd week I created a list of “gangster” themed movies so that people could see costumes, study accents and get in the spirit of things. The 3rd week, I sent out a brief history of the 1920s, along with a slang dictionary. And, finally, the 4th week, I sent out a word search password puzzle that I made. The idea was that after you circled the names of actors who are famous for playing gangsters, the remaining letters spell out the password. I created two puzzles, so that some people would get the wrong password and have to deal with Al, the bouncer. The correct password was a phrase often said in gangster films when someone is about to get knocked off, “Let’s Go for a Ride”. I thought it was appropriate!

For the decorations, I used some scene setters but I was able to find a lot of things on the internet. I printed out old magazine covers and taped them to the front of some magazines I had around the house. I found pictures of old movie stars like James Cagney and Clara Bow, and I signed them as if they had done it themselves (see photos). For instance, on Clara Bow’s picture I wrote, “To Meme – You’re the real “It Girl” in my book! And, on James Cagney’s picture, I signed, “I’m on top of the world when I’m at The Four Deuces”. To keep things simple, I served a couple of appetizers but I ordered pizza so I wouldn’t have the added stress of having to cook.

I was so surprised that every single guest not only came in costume, but they were totally committed to their roles. Many of the guests were talking with New York and Chicago accents, and throwing out slang left and right. Some were so completely obnoxious, it was hilarious! I was a little concerned about how people would interact because not everyone knew each other and we had a total of 25 people. But, I did the host introduction and gave out the name tags and money, and had everyone introduce themselves so we’d all know who everyone was. After about 20 minutes people started circulating and we were on a roll. The murder went off without a hitch, but I think people were a little overwhelmed with their confidential booklets just because there was new information to digest.

After the Murder Weapon scavenger hunt, things really heated up. I decided to relax and play some poker with Rhett Bumbler, and Vicky and Rebecca Ravioli. I had just called Vicky’s bet when she grabbed her throat and gasped, “I can’t breathe” and slumped over dead. It was then that I saw that she had a poison card in her hand and as people were screaming and calling for the inspector, I quickly grabbed up her loot, winked at Rhett and handed him a $100.00 bill to keep him quiet. I had no idea that I could be so devious, but boy was it fun! Two more murders occurred after nefarious plans and carefully crafted plots unfolded.

We wrapped up this sensational evening by enjoying the sultry vocal stylings of Carrie Crooner Ravioli. Much to the delight of the crowed, she wowed us all with a bang up version of “Big Spender”. I had actually created a poster (see pic) announcing that she would be performing tonight and put it outside so all the guests could see it when they arrived. I took a picture of my friend who played Carrie and blew it up and glued it and some text to a piece of poster board. She was so thrilled with it that she asked me if she could take it home with her at the end of the night as a souvenir.

After Carrie’s performance, we did the award ceremony. I decided to give a best costume award to both a man and a woman. My husband, ever the fasionista, received the award for best costume, so I gave him some of those glasses with the eyeballs connected by slinkys. Cassandra Steal received best costume for her get up and I gave her the classic glasses with the nose and groucho moustache. Al Capone confessed that he had ripped off the house’s money when I was attending to my hostessing duties and pick pocketed any other money he could; hence he became the winner of the wealthiest player award. I gave him a bag of chocolate coins as a prize. Best Actor went to a guy that I didn’t even know who a friend brought to the party at the last minute. I had purchased the additional character packet fortunately and assigned him the role of Sam Siren. Wow, was he ever good .I gave him a bowl that had the Hollywood sign on it. We actually had 4 guests solve the mystery! I obviously have a very intelligent group of friends.

When we finally ended the party, we all sat around and talked about our secrets. The people who committed the murders all described why they did it, and how they worked out deals with the people who had murder cards. It turns out that the Senator had devised a plot to take out his wife because he believed that her death would result in mass sympathy votes in the upcoming election. However, the bearer of the last murder card wasn’t having any of it so it never occurred. One guest had somehow managed to steal a piece of evidence before the inspector was able to read it so we never knew about one clue. I’m pretty sure that’s grounds for disqualification, but what do you expect? He is a gangster after all.

Everyone can’t wait to play Four Deuces Part 2 and I’m hoping that you might have “Murder in Paradise” finished in time for a summer party. This was honestly the best party we’ve ever done, and my husband and I host a lot of parties. I was so intimidated because I didn’t have any experience with murder mysteries and we had such a large group of people and not everyone knew each other. I was really afraid I’d mess it up, but your games and your service are just outstanding, and you make it so easy. Fool Proof!

Thanks so much!
A Fool For
Even Meme gets a mug shot.JPG
Even Meme gets her mugshot done
Even Meme gets a mug shot.JPG (46.45 KiB) Viewed 5013 times
Al Capone makes Don Wannabe an offer he can't refuse.jpg
Al Capone makes Don Wannabe an offer he can't refuse
Al Capone makes Don Wannabe an offer he can't refuse.jpg (27.8 KiB) Viewed 5014 times
Big Jim cracks his knuckles as Cash and Cassandra Steal corner Rhett Bumbler.jpg
Big Jim cracks his knuckles as Cash and Cassandra Steal corner Rhett Bumbler
Big Jim cracks his knuckles as Cash and Cassandra Steal corner Rhett Bumbler.jpg (27.25 KiB) Viewed 5013 times
Carrie Crooner Ravioli and the Reader Board I made for her.JPG
Carrie Crooner Ravioli and the poster that I made for her
Carrie Crooner Ravioli and the Reader Board I made for her.JPG (50.71 KiB) Viewed 5013 times
The Dames.JPG
Some gorgeous dames
The Dames.JPG (152.22 KiB) Viewed 5014 times
All the Big Names Come to the Four Deuces.JPG
All the Big Names Come to the Four Deuces
All the Big Names Come to the Four Deuces.JPG (58.99 KiB) Viewed 5018 times
Clara Bow's Autograph.JPG
Clara Bow's Autograph
Clara Bow's Autograph.JPG (55.51 KiB) Viewed 5016 times
Jame's Cagney's Autograph.JPG
Jame's Cagney's Autograph
Jame's Cagney's Autograph.JPG (60.15 KiB) Viewed 5015 times
Sly, Al and Rhett at the Poker Table.JPG
Sly, Al and Rhett at the Poker Table
Sly, Al and Rhett at the Poker Table.JPG (52.61 KiB) Viewed 5008 times
Rhett Bumbler claims he is innocent.JPG
Rhett Bumbler claims he is innocent
Rhett Bumbler claims he is innocent.JPG (46.05 KiB) Viewed 5010 times
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Re: February Contest Entry - The Four Deuces in Seattle

Postby junojewels » February 17th, 2009, 10:03 pm

whoops! I guess I had some trouble with the pictures. I had them labeled already but I thought I had to relable them using the picture loader on the forum. I also thought I had deleted some but nope, there they are. Sorry, still getting the hand of posting.

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Re: February Contest Entry - The Four Deuces in Seattle

Postby 2coolbaby » February 26th, 2009, 12:34 am

I loved your entry and I really liked the idea of printing posters of gangsters and actors and signing them. That is so creative!
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Re: February Contest Entry - The Four Deuces in Seattle

Postby junojewels » February 28th, 2009, 11:34 pm

Oh, thank you so very much! I can't tell you how much fun I had preparing for this party, I was able to let my imagine run wild. I had been thinking about how some bar owners will put up autographed photos of stars who have visited their bar, and I thought, well, of course Don and Meme would do something like that. I had one photo autographed by Jean Harlow that said, "Dear Don, if it doesn't work out with Meme, give me a call!". And, another from Babe Ruth that said, "Don, save me a seat and a cigar at your new joint. By the way, I'll pay my tab soon". What was funny is that my husband didn't know I was doing this and so when he saw the photos he could not stop laughing! This is what is so great about your games and what makes them unique. They are so effortless to set up and run because you take care of everything. You take all the pressure off the host and that allows us to focus on actually enjoying the pre party planning. You can get into it and take it as far as you want to go. It's totally up to the individual. And, those little details make such a big difference to the guests. So many people told me that they felt really special being invited to something like this, that they felt like celebraties. My concern is that all the people we invited went back to their jobs and other friends and told them how much fun it was, and now I'm afraid that when we do Four Deuces 2, we might have to buy ALL of the extra character packs! LOL! :lol:
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