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August 09 Winner - Best party you will ever have!

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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August 09 Winner - Best party you will ever have!

Postby Triebel » July 27th, 2009, 1:43 pm

We spent weeks getting ready for our murder mystery party and it was 100% worth all the hard work we put into it. None of us had every attended a Murder Mystery Party before so we didn't know what to expect. But we were quite impressed with our friends. Everyone arrived on time and completely in character.

We moved all of our furniture out of our living room and transformed it into the Four Deuces, along with 20's music playing in the background.

Al Capone greeted all of our guest at the door,on a red carpet, to see if they knew the password to get in.

One of my husband's coworkers agreed to attend and be our bartender. We had asked all of our guests to bring along with them at least 1 drink recipe and the ingredients to make it so our bartender could make anything they asked for. That was one of the highlights of the evening!

We also had Black Jack and Roulette tables, that 2 of our friends kindly agreed to be the dealers for. So there was lots of gambling and stealing going on. Everyone got really involved in the game and at no point in the evening was there a slow moment, (which I had worried about so much). We even had 2 additional murders happen. Our friends loved it so much that they all want to have another one and we have received complaints for months from everyone that wasn't lucky enough to be invited. This time we are going to have to purchase at least 2 extra character packages so that we can invite everyone that wants to be there. We so look forward to doing part 2 and we tell everyone about your web site and how much fun our game was. I hate that I can only post 5 pictures because we had some many great ones it was hard to pick.

Thanks for a great night- Meme (aka: Tanya Riebel)
Al waiting for guest to arrive
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A look at our living room
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Mary Toosteal and Carrie Crooner
M@3.jpg (29.23 KiB) Viewed 3932 times
Casandra Steel and one of our dealers
M@4.jpg (20.79 KiB) Viewed 3932 times
capo and other at the bar
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Re: Contest Entry-Best party you will ever have!

Postby 2coolbaby » August 3rd, 2009, 6:46 pm

I just love your speakeasy entrance! It was sooo cool. I also really like the idea of people bringing the ingredients for their own drinks for the bartender to mix up for them. Thanks for posting!
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