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September 2010 Winner: The Four Deuces September - Australia

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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September 2010 Winner: The Four Deuces September - Australia

Postby chalky » September 13th, 2010, 4:30 am

I hosted The Four Deuces on the weekend and it was one of the best nights I have had. Very well written and would recommend to all. We started the night with all guests arriving on time (would be a first) though I did have a 2 people pull out at the last minute though this was not a problem.
I asked all guests to bring a dish the variety of food was really good we had salads, meat balls, devilled eggs, chicken wings, pizzas, cob loaf, cupcakes, pineapple upside-down cake and more.

As we were all virgins to murder mystery parties we were all unsure of how this would pan out but lucky enough Don Wannabe and Big Jim got in to character straight away. It was great everyone dressed their part and had a ball. I made my own name tags and as the guests arrived I gave them there booklets, nametags, money and note pad. Once all people arrived we got stuck straight in to it. It was about an hour before Big Jim did all his duties and advised me he was going to do his speech. He was in the middle of a poker game when he died the inspector played his part very well checked the body and pronounced him dead, Al Capone and Sly Sleaze removed his body from the room.

I then handed out the confidential booklets and it all started to come together more, I allowed everyone to read them about 10 minutes then The Nose came and presented the evidence for all to read and see (surprisingly everyone read the information). Instead of doing the weapons clues I glued both weapons and actions cards to the back of playing cards and got each guest to pick a card from the deck. If it was blank better luck next time, if you got a weapon or action card, USE IT WISELY!!!!

Everyone then went their seperate ways and started to bribe and extort money from people. I had my money stollen from me I wasn't a happy camper. I had a few people trying to extort money from me but most of my secrets were out so I ended up extorting money from others oh and I found some on the floor so it was mine!!!! :) I had the Mayor give me (Rebecca Ravioli) the honest card, I know had to be honest but I had to protect my characters secrets at all costs. So I only told half the truth. What questions they were you will never know....

We had all 4 extra weapons cards used. Al Capone killed Sly Sleaze as he thought he was a hit man to kill him for the slaying of the Black Hand Gang a few nights before. He was WRONG!! :twisted: Next we had Rhett Bumbler kill Mayor Bumpkin because he found out that Rhett was carrying a weapon card and if he didn't pay up he was going to tell everyone so he killed him. Next we had Rhett Bumbler convince Cash Steal (as he used his weapon on the Mayor) to kill Don Wannabe, Don Wannabe was stealing money from his boss Capo and they weren't having any of it!!!!! Baroness Ravioli killed Congressman Toosteal she got paid off by his wife Mary to kill him for being a lying cheater. With Don Wannabe and Don Ravioli gone Al Capone was in his elemant knowing he could very well be the next Boss!!!

There was alot of tension between the Baroness and Carrie that was heard by all!! Donna Wannabe and Rebbeca were not on the best of terms either, there was alot of tension in the room and alot of people with a motive to kill Don Ravioli!!! WHO WAS IT?

As the night winded down we all filled in our who dunit cards. I made some sashes from Best Performer and Best Dressed and those the got the killer right got a magnifying glass. The Best Performer by far was none other then Don 'Big Jim' Ravioli who became Rhett Bumbler after his death. Rhett (aka Big Jim) was quite the actor even convinced someone else to kill for him!!!! Best Dressed was close between Carrie Crooner-Ravioli and Baroness Ravioli and by one point was won by Baroness Ravioli. The Nose, Congreeman Toosteal and the Baroness got the murder right and our wealthiest player was Carrie Crooner-Ravioli she knew alot about people and they would do anything to keep it a secret (oh and she busted Vicki stealing Rebecca Ravioli's money so they went halves).

We started to read out our secrets but we only got threw a couple of people so I have read the confidential booklets since. It was amazing how much was really going on behind our backs.

Everyone has been thanking me for the night it was one of the best and one to remember for a long time. Everyone is already talking about the next one.

Thanks again was a really good night alot of fun had by all.

comp 11.jpg
Host of the night Al Capone and Rebbeca Ravioli
comp 10.jpg
Capo, Congressman Toosteal, The Nose
comp 9.jpg
Al Capone and Don Wannabe
comp 7.jpg
Don Wannabe, Big Jim, Cash Steal, Baroness Ravioli, Sly Sleaze
comp 5.jpg
Carrie Crooner-Ravioli
comp 4.jpg
Neville 'The Nose'
comp 3.jpg
Al Capone and Big Jim
comp 2.jpg
Big Jim, Donna Wannabe, Mayor Bumpkin, Madame MeMe, Vicki Ravioli, Don Wannabe
comp 1.jpg
Confidential books, Invits and Nametags and centerpieces I made for the night
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Re: The Four Deuces September - Australia

Postby 2coolbaby » September 15th, 2010, 5:57 pm

I love your decorations and your very thorough review. Thanks so much for sharing!

Can you tell us how you made that centerpiece? I really love it and I have a lot of people asking me about centerpiece ideas for roaring twenties parties.
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Re: The Four Deuces September - Australia

Postby chalky » September 15th, 2010, 8:28 pm

Thanks heaps. We all really had the best time.

The centerpieces were a little frustrating but I got there finally with them. I just brought some plain boxes from the craft shop and painted them black and red. I brought some plastic roses with stems (white, bright red and a deep red), ostrich feathers and foam you use for flower arrangements. Oh and dice and cards to... It cost me no more than $10 AUD each to make.

I first painted the boxes red and black so if the base was red the top was black. My boxes had a heart cut out of the top so it looked really good with the different colour in the back when I glued them to the side. I then placed the foam in the boxes and cut the roses to suit the height of the box to place in the foam. This held them in place. Once I was happy with the arrangement I then made wire holders for the cards to go in to. I then placed the feathers near the back of the arrangement and placed the card near the front (in the wire holder). Once I was happy with the way it looked a glued the top of the box on the side to hide the yucky bits and then glued the dice on to the sides. It was simple ones I did the first one but trying to think of something nice was the hardest part.

I can't really describe at any better sorry. I can put a seperate photo up of the centerpieces by themselves if you wish.

With the rest of the decorations I pretty much printed everything out as it is hard trying to find decorations for 1920's. Also I was a little short of cash aswell. Some people on the forum said they brought red lights to reflect the night I put red celophane paper over the light fitting and it did the same job. I put pearls, feather boas and dice on the tables and chairs I printed some cards to place on the walls and got cap guns to hang around the place. I printed out pictures of famous personel from the 20's and placed them around the place with the persons name on the bottom. I had a big sign out the front saying The Four Deuces. Grand Opening. Featuring Carrie Crooner-Ravioli with the 4 Deuces (2 Cards) glued on to it. I love craft and really enjoyed doing this.

It was for no special occassion just because we have had people in and out of the country for the past few months and this was the only time we would all be in OZ so we thought why not.

Still trying to piece together the night as there was so much going on but it was really one of the best nights we have had in a long time. My partner is 30 in a couple of years so bring on The Four Deuces 2!!!!
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