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April 2015 Winner! Murder at the Four Deuces - 4/4/15

PostPosted: April 7th, 2015, 10:13 am
by andrewbuhler
My wife has always wanted to go to a murder mystery show or be in one as long as I can remember. So for her birthday this year I decided to make that happen. Unfortunately, the local murder mystery dinner production had been booked for a private event on the planned date. So what was I to do? Luckily, came to the rescue! It was a lot funner and cheaper alternative to put on my own murder dinner with the help of The Four Deuces game pack. First I have to say how well the game is put together. It can be complicated, but the instructions, host guide, and other provided materials make organizing and setting the game up a breeze. I even decided to go with the online version and print out the game myself. The online version comes with printing instructions and organization instructions that made it very easy to make sure that I had everything that was needed prior to the event. I was able to sent out emails with each character's booklet to the assigned guests a few weeks in advance so they could plan their costumes and become familiar with their character. I would definitely recommend this game to other people who are interested in it. We ended up having more guests than expected so I even bought the first expansion character pack. It was super easy to add these additional characters into the game. I also loved that the game comes with prize certificates that I could give out to my guests (these along with some gift cards really got people excited about dressing up, playing the game, and staying in character).

So the day came at last and after spending all day decorating and cooking we were ready to play the game. We decided to incorporate a casino into the game and I was able to get a cheap roulette set off amazon. Everyone really loved that aspect of the game and it gave them an additional way to lose or make money. It was also fun to see people stay in character and have conversations while gambling. We started playing the game around 7:30 and finished up about 10:30 just to give you an idea of the evening and how long it took us to play. In all we ended up having three additional murders after the 'main' murder. Since we were all playing the game in one giant room we didn't do the scavenger hunt but instead just drew cards from a hat for the weapons and action cards. I did add additional weapons and action cards just to spice things up a bit more. I have to say that one of our favorite moments was when I (don wannabe) asked my 'bouncer' (al capone) to kill Carrie Crooner who turned out to have an Immunity card! Later, Al Capone turned up dead instead!

All in all it was a huge hit and all of my guests really enjoyed the game and the evening. I loved how social the game was, it really allowed you to get out of your comfort zone and just enjoy being social for a change (We also decided to ban cell phones which helped a lot too). I will definitely buy more games from this seller because I now know the quality of the product. I could never go back to just a regular dinner/murder show now that I can run it myself and do things the way that I want. Thank you !!