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July 2011 Winner - Four Deuces Church Lock-In Contest Entry

PostPosted: June 26th, 2011, 5:01 pm
by Randie
6/24/11-a night to be remembered by all who attended the Grand opening of the Four Deuces. 13 people joined in. The party started with Al guarding our entrance. Everyone remembered their password, though Al gave his own boss, Don Wannabe a hard time for getting one word wrong, but we let him have his extra $200 anyway, he's the proprietor after all! Once everyone arrived they found their folders waiting for them at the table. Everything they needed to get started was inside. (I had purchased manilla folders and folded them at the bottom to make pockets. I secured them with hot glue, added a ribbon loop for their pens, printed off the name tag file, and glued their names on the front). I also added ribbon to the pens and and added feathers to the lids!

I had decided to let my 11 year old brother play Big Jim, because his part was short, and I knew he could handle the dramatics, though I was a little afraid he would have some trouble, and I was doubly afraid since my 7 year old sister was playing Vicki (due to my shortage of females, with the understanding that she could die after Big Jim), I was especially worried since she had been grumpy before she left. But happily they played their parts with gusto. I was Carrie, and Vicki was exceptionally loud in telling everyone how much she hated me for stealing her man, and telling Rebecca to stay away from me! And Jim did his confrontations and died so well when the lights went off, and I popped the balloons (conveniently located under the table in front of me). Everyone was momentarily shocked, but jumped right in with fright and crying. Don was consoling MeMe, I was in tears, but a look from Al seemed to fortify me a bit. The inspector quickly took control and called in his “forensic team” to take down the evidence. Soon after, Vicki died of a heart attack, it must have been too much for her heart to take, seeing Big Jim dead! The abrasive detective immediately set out investigating everyone and informed us that we couldn't leave because we were all suspected, and then presented the evidence. We were all afraid of “The Nose,” who is usually such a sweet person out of character. Funnily a mother and son who were assigned the Baroness and Nutella had had to switch before the party because of the son's unwillingness to have such a demanding part, but we were pleasantly surprised by the hilariousness of the young man wearing a tiara and feathers, and the performance of Nutella, who, by the way, won the award for best performance.

Three extra murders were committed. Al Capone killed Capo Toto for his weapon card and money, and the inspector killed Al because he thought Al was dangerous, (though Al just wanted to buy the inspector's weapon card). The Congressman committed assisted suicide. He must have wanted to clear his name, though corpses can't run for president...

Secrets were guarded with money, people were killed for their curiosity, and the murderer had most of us fooled! Nutella announced her, I mean his findings, and the awards were handed out. We laughed about our secrets and expressed our amazement at the acting and peoples secret agendas. We had previously played a game by templewaterman and were very impressed by the difference in level of interaction in this game. I think everyone is looking forward to playing the Four Deuces 2 (hopefully before school starts.) It was a pleasure to play this game especially with the fun group of people we had at hand.

Re: 6/24/11 Murder at the Four Deuces Church Lock-In

PostPosted: July 22nd, 2011, 10:00 am
by ocdwithmurdermystery
are you a professional photographer? Your pictures are excellent! :D

Re: 6/24/11 Murder at the Four Deuces Church Lock-In

PostPosted: July 30th, 2011, 1:30 pm
by Randie
No, actually our very own Inspector Neville "the Nose Nutella" is a professional photographer. Thank you, I am sure she would be proud to hear that. :)

Re: July 2012 Winner - Four Deuces Church Lock-In Contest En

PostPosted: January 27th, 2012, 8:41 pm
by 2coolbaby
I love, love, love your entry! The photos were stunning and your review was detailed. I am really happy to hear that you had a wonderful party with our game.

Congratulations, you are our July 2011 contest winner and you have won a free murder mystery game!