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Our Relay For Life Fundraiser

Feedback on Class of 57 Murder Mystery Parties!

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Our Relay For Life Fundraiser

Postby Lisa » June 1st, 2005, 2:09 pm

We used the Class of 1957 as a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. At first, I think the local community were a little hesitant to participate. Out of 32 characters, we sold 21 of them. We still played the game out and everyone quickly got into character. I was the hostess since the banquet facility was part of my husband's establishment. I played no role in the actual event. I was busy making sure that our customers had drinks and playing a normal hostess when all at once, one of the customers yelled at me because I had put ice in his soda! For the first few seconds I was shocked that he treated me rudely, then I quickly realized he was Lou Natic, the ego minded actor, who by the way won best actor.

The detectives Carol and Charlie were being played by two females. They came with their own props including a shoe with a phone attached to it incase anyone wanted to make a call to their hotline. Towards the end of the evening they figured they could arrest everyone one by one as suspects and extort money from their spouses to post bail. They won the Wealthiest player award and best costume.

After everyone's votes were gathered, we hired Brad Crum, an Elvis impersonator from Halifx, entertained them while we tallied up the votes. He was fantastic! (

Everyone that participated in this event asked for us to do another. They all thought that the fee we charged for the meal and the entertainment was well worth it. I'm sure as word gets out, others will offer to participate again.

If anyone would like to contact me with questions on how we made this fundraiser a success, please email me at lmd5 at and I will be more than glad to help you with this. We raised $700 for the American Cancer Society.

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