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Class of '57 Murder Mystery

Feedback on Class of 57 Murder Mystery Parties!

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Class of '57 Murder Mystery

Postby khalt » February 29th, 2012, 12:11 am

The Class of 1957 Murder Mystery Party
(Visit my blog at for all the pics)

I must say this was a SUPER FUN evening!

I made a ton of the decorations and spent a lot of time on little details to make it a great party! I wanted it to be fun and feel like it was a reunion of sorts...

I had a JUKE BOX, vintage COKE decorations, and SUNDAE CUPS for everyone for dessert. I also did colored ice in the water and carried the 'record' theme throughout the night in all the prizes, and decoartions... I made sure to hang the tribute right near the sign in table to people would for sure see it!

I re-covered all the notebooks in bright paper and put a paper record on the front. All of the guests got a packet when they came with a name tag, notebook, pen, and money. They also got to pick an action card. They were all upside down in front of the Juke Box. I made sure to take the last one so they knew I didn't cheat:) I pre-set the tables and rolled up the weapons clue sheet, tied it with a piece of ribbon, and put it to the right of each place setting. I hung all of the fake records that I made, and some real records too! (Including on the front door!) I bought a handful of old records at a thrift store and melted them into bowls for the treats and the sign-in tables. I made a banner of records that said 'Class of 1957'.

I did a ton of research on the 50's. Google told me that Chex mix became quite a popular item in the 50's so we made sure to have some of that in our cute little record bowls. I also printed out a ton of 50's facts and mounted them on the colored paper and then put them all over the house so people could read them through the night. (My favorite was the one that said: 'March 25th 1953 RCA manufactures the first color television set. A 12 and 1/2 inch screen costs $1000.00' FYI My husband figured out that translated into about $8000.00 in today's dollars...)

I made a cute 50's quiz and it was on the tables for people to do during dinner. (We ended up doing it after the game instead because we were too busy playing the game during dinner. )

I wanted to do some prizes with the awards at the end of the night...I used ALL THINGS that came out in the 50's. Play Do for the most money prize, Silly Putty for best actor and actress, Mr Potato Head for the best dressed couple, and Hot Tamales for all of those that solved our mystery. (I included a picture of all of them so you can see the cute saying that was attached to each of them) I am fortunate to have a husband who is a Photoshop pro! Me not so much, but he made cute gift certificates that matched with our theme and invitations. I thought they were perfect! does have gift certificates you can print I just wanted everything matchy matchy...I know, I know...Leave me alone!

We decided to have dinner be a '50's Diner theme' meal. We BBQ'd some hamburgers and then everyone brought a little something to go with dinner. Fries, Onion Rings, Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Baked Beans, and all the toppings for the burgers. I bought burger baskets and bought some wax paper liners at a restaurant instead of ordering a huge package online. I also bought frie baskets and everyone had a little ceramic dish for the beans and slaw...I bought red and white paper straws on which were a darling touch! We had ice cream sundaes for dessert while we all visited and laughed after the game!

I sent out the invitations quite a bit in advance. (about 6 weeks) I wanted everyone to have enough time to plan, get babysitters, get costumes, study parts ect. It also gave me plenty of time to get all the decorations and details in order.

This was the first time I have done a Murder Mystery Party. It was SOOOO stinking fun! I would totally do it again in a heartbeat. Dinner and a Murder was awesome to work with. She emailed me back right away with questions I had, It was a very affordable game for 20 people, and It came with everything you need to play the game! I love parties so this was so fun for me to go nuts with! You don't have to do that to have a successful fun night but I think the costumes are a MUST! It helps people get into their characters and makes it feel more real. I even thought at some times during the night I was living the nightmare! There were some really good actors and actresses!

Without giving anything away, I will say that there was plenty of extorsion, stealing, lying, manipulating, accusing and even an extra few murders! Peter's wife got killed and he went crazy! The detectives were great, and everyone had a fun time! We all ended the evening laughing!

Thank you for a great game!

We will definately do this again! THANKS EVERYONE!!! Don't forget to visit my blog for all the pictures and more details...
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