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Class of 57

Feedback on Class of 57 Murder Mystery Parties!

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Class of 57

Postby Debbie » November 24th, 2004, 11:51 pm

I purchased the Class of 57 Reunion for a fund raiser for charity. We had a total of 32 people participate in the game. First of all, I took a photo of each person that signed up for the game. I used the photos to make student ID cards that we used for the name tags. I then used the same photos to display the characters on a poster board next to the display that "David" did for the reunion. Names of the characters were next to each picture. This was helpful the all the players to identify each other.  The photos were used again in a year book. I took photos with a digital camera and printed them onsite during the evening and added them to the yearbook. At the end of the evening the book was complete and everyone could review it. Everything was decorated in the fifties era. I used purchased cardboard boxes that looked like vintage cars and filled them with popcorn and put them on the tables. Some "cars" were filled with nostalgic candy such as cinnamon toothpicks, wax lips, candy cigarettes, etc. I purchased a life-size cardboard stand-up juke box that looked real when the lights were dimmed. We played fifties music throughout the evening. We served a prime rib dinner (for "prime suspects") and spectators alike. The kitchen staff wore Betty Boop aprons while they were serving. After dinner, we turned up the volume and played the theme from Peter Gunn. This got everyone's attention and let them know were about to begin. Everyone that participated in the game came dressed as their character and played it to the hilt. Spectators also joined the fun and came dressed in the fifties style. We had a couple of murders during the evening. The local police department was kind enough to give me some crime scene tape that we used to "secure" the area whenever a murder occurred. At the end of the game, we turned on a police beacon and siren sound effects, when the murderer was announced. Prizes were awarded to the people that solved could correctly identify the murderer, the person with the most money at the end of the game, the best costume (believe me we had some great ones) and the best actor/actress. I have to admit the winner of the best actress did a great job. She even cried when she talked about David's untimely death. The award for the best actress was an imitation Oscar and movie tickets for four to a local theatre. That certainly wasn't the end of the evening. After the murder was solved and the murderer was arrested our mystery guest arrived. None other than Elvis himself. I had announced that we would have a mystery guest sometime during the evening but no one knew who it was. It was fun just listening to some of the comments on who the mystery guest was. Our Elvis impersonator sang several songs, gave away a teddy bear and scarves to some of the guests,  and stayed to have his picture taken with some of our guests. The evening was a great success! We raised over $2000 for our charity. Not only did everyone had a great time, but they are asking when we are going to do it again. Of course, we are already working on plans for the next one.


Postby Lisa » March 25th, 2005, 7:49 am

Debbie, thanks for posting this. We are planning on doing this event as well and your posting gave me a lot of great ideals! Thank you. I'll be sure to post what we do when we have it all planned out.

Postby popiwoo » February 3rd, 2006, 1:35 am

I hope that if Debbie returns, she can tell us how she made so much money. That's a really good return and great news for the charity!
You're right, there were a lot of good ideas in there and thanks to Debbie for sharing!
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