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immortal murder feedback

PostPosted: November 3rd, 2008, 8:43 am
by pam stanforth
We had a brilliant night playing immortal murders. Six of my 22 guests cancelled in the last week and two more on the morning of the event which were main players. Panic was begining to set in when two secodary characters were good enough to swap parts last min. What a laugh we had . In the begining everyone was wandering about looking puzzled but as people began to fall into character it all fell into place. We even had a very nifty thief who wasnt as trustworthy as his part made out. As the host I had a small part to play and had not looked at anyone elses guides. I wondered if I had I could have helped people better. Especially as our seth could hardly stand at the council meeting and most certainly couldnt remember what to do. Thankyou for an unforgettable nights entertainment