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The Immortal Murders - New Zealand

PostPosted: March 1st, 2009, 5:20 am
by Daellen
It was my daughters 21st Birthday and I wanted to give her an unforgettable party. And WOW, was it spectacularly unforgettable!

The Immortal Murders game was perfect! It was perfect in SO many ways. For starters, the theme allowed the guests a huge amount of choice in what costume to wear. They could go way out and come dressed to the hilt in fancy dress, as as the setting was a costume ball, or they come as their character. As most of the roles were as the immortal Vampyrs, Mage's, Fae and Were folk, even coming as their character gave enormous scope for being creative. The extraverts come dressed to kill, (literally) such as dressing as "Death", (and he made his own cape!) and the quieter ones chose more subtle costumes, such as "The Cat in the Hat". Some guests even bought a change of costume just in case they got murdered!

The Immortal Murders game was a brilliant choice for my daughters friends. As intellectual geeks and nerds, they were well used to playing online role play games, so naturally they grasped the scriptless, improvisation nature of the game immediately, and much plotting and conniving was done from the moment they arrived.

The game was perfect in that the number of guests could vary so long as the core 8 characters were assigned. This flexibility worked out great, as on the night one guest was sick and two friends from out of town arrived unexpectedly, but were able to be quickly incorporated into the game at short notice.

The use of spell cards was another perfect element, which added another layer of humour and intrigue. One very clever immortal, quickly realised that the best way to get rich was to use the "Turn to Stone" spell on the person whom they had observed robbing the most bodies, so they could rob them without resistence as they were "turned to stone" and unable to defend themselves!

I had decided that a 4 course, sit down meal for 12 would be a great way to celebrate my daughters 21st birthday, and the game played out perfectly between the courses as well as at the table. I had strategically placed the guests to engender the most drama and I was not dissapointed, as the guests faithfully stayed in character! One Immortal had mind control over another and had her shout, "To the Chicken Man" every time there was a toast. This was hilarious as she made the toast frequently with much gusto! Even now, weeks after the party, the friends are still toasting the "Chicken Man" whenever they meet.

Being summer in New Zealand in January, it was perfect for the guests to leave the table and mingle outside in the warm summer evening, which made the discovery of the murders (there were 5) in the twillight even more exciting. Another perfect aspect of this game was that when a character was murdered, I was able to assign them a new one, and on went the game!

I staged the dinner party in our garage and totally dressed the interior into a medieval castle by using second hand drapes, tulle for bunting and a Disney wall hanging of a castle for background. Using a gold, cream and crimson theme, I used deep red metallic christmas paper for a table cloth, used a different patterned glass goblet for each guest and dressed the table with candles. Having the guests seated at a banquet table made the convening of a council meeting even more realistic.

The game was all that was promised, was easy to run, and was a pefect party to give for a memorable 21st birthday. To make the event even more memorable, I created a StoryBook using Creative Memory product and gave it to my daughter. The photo's I include here have come from the book I made. In my scrapbooking circle of friends, my book has generated huge interest in where,who, what and how did I run the party. So hopefully more dinner and murder parties will take place in New Zealand!

Re: The Immortal Murders - New Zealand

PostPosted: March 9th, 2009, 7:54 pm
by 2coolbaby
I have to tell you, I absolutely LOVE all the work you put into your setting and the wonderful scrapbook photos. They are just beautiful. You know, I have the Creative Memories software, but haven't had a chance to give it a good test drive. Now I am ready to get busy :lol:

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Re: The Immortal Murders - New Zealand

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Re: The Immortal Murders - New Zealand

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Re: The Immortal Murders - New Zealand

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