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Death By Chocolate was a success!

PostPosted: April 26th, 2006, 4:53 pm
by pa7773a
In my subdivison a group of us ladies get together once a month for a girl's night out event. Every lady chooses a month to host the event and do whatever they feel like doing. April was my month and I decided to try a murder mystery party. I have NEVER done anything like this before and was a little nervous about it. Here is how it went.....

About 10 days before the event I sent out flyers to the neighbors inviting them to the party. I got 11 RSVP's which is very good for our small neighborhood. None of them had ever been to a murder mystery dinner so this was going to be new for everyone! I decided on Death By Chocolate but couldn't figure out how to have everyone dress for it since it really wasn't a themed murder mystery. I later realized that most people are in bathrobes and slippers when they are at a day spa so I sent out an email to everyone and encouraged them to dress as such. I sent everyone their character information via email and then got to work on planning the decorating. Since this murder mystery takes place at a day spa I decided to transform my house into a soothing day spa. In my dining room I set up three massage chairs, a nail station, a water foot massage area and a face mask and eye soother area. On the dining room table I set out a white table cloth and the centerpeice was candles and contemplation stones. There were also trays of chocolate. In my living room I cleared out everything from my entertainment center and replaced it with lotions, perfumes, bath salts and candles. I put a white table cloth over my sofa table and centered it with a large floral arrangement, trays of chocolate and assorted lotions. I also did the same thing with the fireplace mantel. In the foyer I placed a large sign that said Lady Godiva's Day Spa so it would be the first thing everyone saw when they came in. I hung floral strands everywhere I could to really make it look festive. I loaded the CD player with Enya and Hammered Strings and kept it at a low soothing volume. Since this was also a Bachelorette party I decided to place pink, white and silver balloons around and hang a "Bachelorette Party" banner over the fireplace. I also purchased a "Pin the Bow on the Male Stripper" game (just like pin the tail on the donkey) and placed that up on the wall for whoever wanted to play.

For appetizers I made bacon wrapped water chestnuts and an artichoke dip with corn chips. For dinner I made the recipe for the murderous meatballs and placed rolls next to them to make small meatball sandwiches. I also made chicken fettucini for those that didn't eat meat. I also made a green bean, fresh corn and grape tomato cold salad as well as a spinach and strawberry salad. For dessert I had a chocolate fountain with strawberries and rice crispie treats ( the homemade ones ). For drinks I had water, soda, margaritas, mud slides, beer and wine. I also had a bottle of champagne to toast at the end of the night.

At 7:00 PM everyone started arriving in their bathrobes and slippers. Each person brought some chocolate to share and we put all of that in the dining room. The character playing Justine showed up in a lovely black dress, black shoes and diamonds since she was the owner of the spa she thought she should look professional. Once everyone was there I read the host announcement and handed everyone their money in a sealed envelope. There were a couple of ladies that forgot their character booklet so I had extra copies on hand for them. From there on it was just a fun, hilarious night. We had 3 extra murders that night, one of which was a double muder (Porsche and Tyra killed each other at the same time). Chastity was also killed by Tyra. She says she was paid to do it but to this day will not reveal who it was that paid her. I guess that's one mystery that won't be solved! The detective was fantastic and was on everybody's back the ENTIRE night.

Once the murderer was revealed and the awards given out, we sat in the living room and cracked up over all that had happened that night. It was way past midnight before anyone left and I had to chuckle as I watched all of them leaving the house in their bathrobes. I've been told that this was the best girl's night out yet and we are planning to do a couple's murder mystery sometime in the future.

Shawn H.

PostPosted: April 27th, 2006, 12:08 pm
by 2coolbaby
Thanks so much for the feedback Shawn. When I release a new kit I am always waiting with bated breath until more reviews come in. Just like a hostess, you are nervous until your guests (or customers in my case) tell you that it was a success.

Your review made me want to immediately start planning my next girls night out! You really went all out and I know it is always so nice to discover that it was worth all the work. In your neighborhood you are now the Hostess with the Mostess :lol: