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Non-native speakers in Switzerland

PostPosted: September 7th, 2010, 9:18 am
by kats
We're hoping to be hosting a murder mystery party at the end of next month but have two questions:

- How much does the postal delivery to Europe (Switzerland) cost, and how long will it take?

- Half of our guests will have English as a second (or third) language only - will they struggle with the gangster slang? Is there a sort of glossary we could provide them with for linguistic help in advance?


Re: Non-native speakers in Switzerland

PostPosted: September 22nd, 2010, 5:29 pm
by 2coolbaby
Sorry my reply is so long in coming, but we have been dealing with several serious illnesses in the family. As the owner, I take care of the forum. I do hope that you contacted Customer Service through either our Contact Us link or by our Toll Free phone number.

I am not sure of the postal delivery amount. We ship International Express. You can add the game to your cart and once you add in your address, the cart will give you you shipping options and amounts before you ever have to provide any payment info. You can also purchase a download and just print it yourself if need be.

I don't write the game in slang language so much, but we do have a free 1920's slang dictionary that you can provide to your guests before the party, so they can try to get in the swing of things: ... ionary.pdf

You can find this on our Roaring Twenties theme page here:

Hope this helps!