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Poker Themed Party

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Poker Themed Party

Postby sks74 » August 18th, 2006, 12:50 pm


I was wondering when you expect the Poker Themed party to be released? How many people will it be for? Do you have a character list?
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Postby 2coolbaby » August 18th, 2006, 3:30 pm

Hmmm, that is a very good question. I am shooting for September, but it will be later in September as right now we are caught up in getting our kits and the office all ready to start producing boxed sets. All of our kits are getting converted and then, whew, let's just say this is a really huge undertaking. These kits just have soooo much in them.

As far as Dead Man's Hand it will be for 10-20 & we will be producing an Extra Character Packet for that game which will extend it to 30 characters. We are actually shooting to make all our kits for 20 max, due to the boxed set thing. But to accomodate more we will be doing some game specific Extra Character Packets in addition to our generic extra character packets.

But as I said first things first. I have been doing work on it in my very few unbusy moments. I am giving you our unfinished Guest List. We know that we are adding 3 more female characters that are not listed and a few of these male characters will be going to the Extra Character Packet. So as I say this is an unfinishd list, but it will give you a good feel for the game to come:

Dead Man’s Hand Characters

Rex ‘The Vulture’ Coffey - The boss of the nearby town of Anchor. Rex is in town to play some poker. They say he is also looking to invest in a silver mine. An evil, materialistic, scheming man, Rex has made many enemies over the years, but is too arrogant to think any one of them would dare to do something about it.

Emmeline Roberts - One of the busier Saloon Gals at the Crystal Palace Saloon. She is often seen with Sureshot Shue and more recently, Josie Marcus, Emmeline is a girl of mystery. Rumor has it that she came from a close by town after her parents were murdered. She has a bad reputation in town due to her standoffishness.

Crazy Kyle Carey - Known cattle rustler and all round nasty guy, Kyle’s parents own a cattle farm outside of town that is almost exclusively made of other people’s cattle. He has been seen with Sticky Carlos and has been asking around town about silver mines. His known associate is Cloudy Jake.

Sticky Carlos Mendes - A habitual thief on the run, with connections to Rex Coffey and Kyle Carey. Slippery and untrustworthy, the only thing he could be up to in Tombstone is no good.

Wyatt Earp - The new deputy Sheriff in town and friend to Doc Holliday and Big Nose Kate. His shady past appears to have been left behind after he met and married Mattie. He is keen to prove that he has what it takes to be as clean and incorruptible as Sheriff Robson.

Curly Dalton - A good guy turned bad is the best way to describe Curly. Now just a burnt out card player and hard drinker, forever drowning his sorrows over the loss of his one true love, Missy Peters. A few weeks before the tournament however, Curly’s life seems to have taken a turn.

Spittin’ Pete Hoss - The owner of the Crystal Palace Saloon, and the organizer of the poker tournament. Married to Belle Hoss who controls the Saloon Gals. Rumored to be deep in debt and looking for a quick way out.

Doc Holliday - Long time friend of Tombstone’s new deputy Sheriff, Wyatt Earp, Doc is bad news. A killer with a nasty temper, he has brought his girlfriend Big Nose Kate along for the ride. What they are planning to get up to in Tombstone is anyone’s guess, but you can bet it won’t be good.

Big Nose Kate - Girlfriend of Doc Holliday and former gambling den owner. Kate is all business and not many mess with her. She has her sights set on making big money in Tombstone.

Cloudy Jake - An accomplice of Crazy Kyle and known ‘heavy’ for Belle Hoss, Cloudy Jake is not the bad man he seems. A hard life and the loss of his parents have sent him down the wrong road.

Mattie Earp - Mattie is married to Wyatt Earp and is a former dancer. She had given up that life and desperately wanted to start a new life with Wyatt in Tombstone. Recently, she has recently started missing the bright lights.

Josie Marcus - Part of a traveling stage show, Josie was a typical star struck young girl. When she arrived in Tombstone, she seemed to take a shine to the new deputy Sheriff. Although she was supposed to leave last night, some have seen her about town.

Stumpy Bill Short - A rich silver prospector looking for new opportunities and a wife to share it with. Seen romancing several of the available women in town.

Belle Hoss - Belle is married to Spittin’ Pete and part owner of the Crystal Palace Saloon. Far more intelligent and ambitious than most give her credit for, she has considerable plans for the Saloon, with or without her lazy husband.

Pancho ‘El Macho’ Estrades - Known by the lawmen as a bounty hunter, El Macho is the best there is. Although he claims to be in Tombstone for the Poker Tournament, there are a lot of worried faces about.

Coffin Joe - The new undertaker in Tombstone. No one knows him well, but his family seems to have been in the business for years. Coffin Joe has been preparing hard for the tournament, as he expects a lot of new ‘clients’.

Pretty Abigail Parker - Abigail works out on her parent’s ranch, which is frequently hit by cattle rustlers. She has been missing from town recently and many suspect that foul play may be afoot.

Hank ‘One Hand’ Martin - Flashy riverboat gambler. He received the nickname ‘One Hand’ because it only takes him one hand at cards to clean out his opponent’s wallets. Tombstone is a welcome break from the boats and word has it that there may be a prospector looking for a cash rich partner.

Mary-Jane ‘Missy’ Peters - Quiet and unassuming, Missy’s parents ran the Tombstone hardware store until they retired. She took over the store and although the residents have yet to accept her as the boss, she is doing well. It is being whispered that she plans to enter the poker tournament tonight.

Sheriff Dwayne Robson - The cleanest, least corruptible Sheriff Tombstone has ever seen. He wants to make sure that the tournament goes off without a hitch and with as few bodies as possible.
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