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Murder Mystery Marriage Proposal Help

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Murder Mystery Marriage Proposal Help

Postby MysteryProposer » November 15th, 2011, 6:00 pm

Hello All:

I am a newbie to these forums and a relative newbie to Murder Mysteries. I've only done two, but my girlfriend has done quite a few and enjoys them quite a bit. She and a mutual friend introduced me to them. The mutual friend usually hosts the parties at her (ie Mutual Friend's) house.

Anyway, our relationship has reached that stage where it's time to propose (fortunately, I know she will say yes!) I had the idea of working with Mutual Friend to throw a murder mystery party with some of our close friends, and have my GF's character arc culminate in a marriage proposal from me, in a way that would be clearly real and sincere and not part of the plot. Everyone except GF would know about the proposal beforehand.

Mutual Friend and I are trying to hash out the details, and we were trying to decide whether to write our own game from scratch (mostly MF would, as I would have no idea what to do, and she's wanted to write one for a while now anyway), or simply modify an existing game and tweak GF's character and related plot points. We've been scratching our heads over what to do, and Mutual Friend had referred me to this site, as it is her favorite place to buy games or find other sites to buy games. I then had the idea to ask this forum for advice.

So, my questions to all you lovely people are:

Do you know if there are MM games out there that are already tailor made to culminate in a proposal? This would save us a lot of time and energy if something were pre-made. Good quality, while of course desired, is actually secondary to the efficacy of the proposal going smoothly.

If there isn't something pre-existing, can any of you guys think of existing games that could be easily modified, or might lend themselves well to such an idea. My GF has played all of the games that Mutual Friend has bought from here, so we were thinking of getting this new one that caught our eye, : Final Curtain, ... urtain.htm. Have any of you played this and know if there might be character arcs that could easily be morphed into a proposal plot?

Any other tips or pointers on how best to achieve this goal?

Thanks so much for hearing me out, and thanks in advance for your advice.

-Mystery Proposer
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Re: Murder Mystery Marriage Proposal Help

Postby bhova » December 7th, 2011, 2:21 am

I am currently in the same situation. Were you able to come up with something? Was is a success? And of course did she like it?

I hope she did and all went well

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Re: Murder Mystery Marriage Proposal Help

Postby MysteryProposer » December 14th, 2011, 5:26 pm

Hi bhova,

I went ahead and bought The Final Curtain. There is a part that is practically tailor made for a proposal. So of course, I recommend that. Haven't followed through yet, still planning!
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