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Why are vacuums so bad?

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Why are vacuums so bad?

Postby markjohnson23 » May 9th, 2021, 2:03 am

There are a number of reasons why vacuums are not good for dusting. It seems the most common problem is that the beater bar on the vacuum will tend to get stuck up in nooks and crannies of furniture where it will not spin freely. This makes it impossible to remove the dust completely from the area you are vacuuming, as well as frustrating for you because you have to take your hand off of the vacuum and reach out to pick up the dust that you cannot see. This is a minor problem when vacuuming bare floors, but what if you have rugs or carpeting?

Some computer vacuums have been known to get stuck in wall crevices and other hard to reach places around the house. The beater bar can also sometimes become dislodged from the motor as well, which will prevent it from spinning freely as it should. I know someone who has had his computer vacuum cleaner stopped working because it was stuck between a piece of sheetrock in his closet. This certainly can be frustrating, especially if the vacuum cleaner gets stuck in that tight spot.

A major problem with many vacuum models is that they tend to leave a residue in the carpet that is not easy to remove. Some vacuums will use an electrostatic charge to do this. Unfortunately, some people do not understand that residue is made by the machine and it becomes nearly impossible to remove without running it over the carpet several times. As the residue builds, it can begin to pull the carpet apart. One way that many people try to solve this problem is to vacuum the room with their vacuum. Many people believe that this will improve the carpet's condition.

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