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Kids Detective Mystery Game

The Detective Murder Mystery Party Games package is a Search and Riddle party for kids 8 to 10 years old. An age-appropriate take on a "Murder-Mystery", it's actually two games: the first a variation of "Who Am I?" and the second, longer game a riddle-ridden form of a Treasure Hunt where they puzzle out and search for hidden clues that bring the "ghost" back to life before the end of the party.The party package includes everything you need for both games.

Best of all, this party is VERY QUICK to put together- about 1 hour of printing, a little cutting, stuffing the envelopes for the clues and hiding them, and you're done! And you'll be laughing right along with them as they race around trying to solve the mystery. It's Easy and it's Fun!!
Game #1 - Who Am I?

This game starts by pasting labels on the backs of the guests. The guests obviously can't see their own labels but can see others. Choose from a suggested list of TV and movie characters- or choose your own "set" of characters like teachers or Rock Stars. They then ask each other yes/no questions and try to figure out who they are. This takes about 15-20 minutes. 5 different label formats to choose from.
Optional Scary Interlude

If you wish to lengthen your party, a candlelight reading of Poe's The TellTale Heart or similar story of your choosing really gets them in the right frame of mind for the second and major portion of your party.
Game #2 - The Hunt

The second game begins with the reading of a short letter from an undisclosed source advising the guests that one of them is a ghost, that the murderer is one of the party guests, and that they must figure out who has been killed, by whom, and how. The letter ends by sending them off to find clues. The “clues” are envelopes, one addressed to each child, written in doggerel poetry, containing riddles directing them to next clue. For example “ To figure this out, it’s sad but true, you must now go find something blue”. The next clue is then hidden in/on/under/around something blue in your house. There are a few clues/props pertinent to the mystery, but the real fun for the kids is figuring out the next location and racing to get there.

The very last clue is a fingerprint, and then they all go take each others fingerprints and try to match them to the clue. I used my own pinkie and made the birthday child the ghost to avoid anyone getting upset by being killed or being a murderer. The kids are still talking about when I killed my own child! And they had a wonderful time! This game takes about an hour, depending somewhat on the number of guests.
Kids Detective Game The Full Detective Party Package Includes:
  • • Custom Invitations - you edit in your party particulars
  • Invitation envelopes (you edit in your guests and addresses)
  • Labels and instructions for the "Who Am I?" game
  • All clues and envelopes, ready to be addressed in anagrams for each guest, plus game instructions and hiding places for "The Hunt" game
  • Murder weapon and murderer clues
  • Complete printing instructions
You will need to supply stamp pads and paper for the fingerprinting. A couple of toy magnifying glasses for identifying the fingerprints are helpful, but they are optional. A box of Baby Wipes and paper towels for the inky fingers is a must.

The party is for between 11 and 15 participants. For an even number over 20, the kids can work in teams of two. For fewer guests, a couple of the kids can simply get more than one clue to read.

The party uses your first floor and basement.

Just the ripped up envelopes they invariably leave behind. Finish with cake and ice cream and you've got a great 90 minute to 2 hour party (depending on the size). Add pizza if you want it a little longer. Add our pinata to the right to add some more fun and prizes.

This game is not too complicated for a bunch of 8 to 10 year olds but challenging enough for them to have lots of fun!

If you wish, turn it into a sleepover party with a not-too-scary movie.

Please note, this party is best scheduled for the evening hours when darkness adds to the excitement!
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