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Harry Potter Kids Mystery Games

10 - 20 Guests
8 - 11 Year Olds

Harry Potter Birthday Party, complete with several choices of Quidditch games, for both inside or outside play. Designed for children of 8 through 11, with age appropriate game choices. Your kids will participate in various Hogwart’s rituals, scoring points for their House, be it Ravenclaw, Griffindor or Hufflepuff - sorry no Slytherin's here! The kids take their chances with the Sorting Hat, draw on their knowledge of Harry Potter lore (limited to Book 1 for this age group), make potions, cast spells, and of course, play Quidditch. Plus, a mystery to solve at the end of the party. With all the Harry Potter hype out there- you know they’ll be all excited and ready to have a super time when they come.

With the exception of some art supplies from your local craft store and a couple of supermarket items, all outlined in the included Supplies List, your Potter Party Package contains everything you need for all the games, including complete directions for the games and preparation for the games. Your preparation time once the supplies are together should run from 2 to 3+ hours, depending what you chose to include in your party. Once they start playing the games, you'll enjoy yourself almost as much as they do!

I recommend 10 - 20 children for 2 teams of 5 to 10 kids each. Depending which games you choose to include in your party and the number of kids, it will run between 1 - 2 hours, plus cake and ice cream or any other food you intend to serve.
Harry Potter Owl MUGGLES NO MORE!!

Greet your guests with a Hogwarts banner as they enter the World of Wizardry. And just like Harry, they need their Wizarding supplies. So start the transformation of these Muggles in Diagon Alley with a craft project that will actually be used later in the party.

Based on Styrofoam forms available at your local craft store, just give them a table or the floor, glue and/or pins and assorted items for decoration (all outlined in the instructions) and they’ll turn themselves into Wizards-in-training!
Hogwarts School of Magic HOGWARTS RITUALS

Hogwarts greets their first year students with a traditional feast of roast pig and roast beef and on and on and on.... Your first year kids only need a little snack after their arrival. But it’s a snack that is magic itself- and it begins the mystery they will solve at the end of your party. And just like Harry et al, while they dine their fate is determined by the Sorting Hat, and the team competition between the Hogwarts Houses begins. You’ll receive complete instructions for this magic snack- very easy.

Now, it’s time to test the Wizarding abilities of these recruits. For the younger set, a game of floor Concentration with images from the story. Making the images full page size and placing everything on the floor makes the spatial challenge just a little more difficult for your wizards. The older kids can play Jeopardy with progressively more difficult Potter trivia, and earn points for their Houses in both games. All game pieces for both games are included- just print them out.
Albus Dubbledore Wizard IT’S TIME FOR CLASS

Start in Professor Snape’s potions class. I’ve scoured the web for the best kitchen chemistry, and aside from the usual Slime and levitating raisins- both good fun- I’ve found one that really should amaze them. All directions are included.

Professor McGonagall’s Transfiguration class is next- a k a Charades with a Spell-making twist. It may sound simple, but it’s challenging enough for the older end of the party’s age spectrum yet the younger ones can do it at their level too.
Quidditch Snitch QUIDDITCH

No Potter Party would be complete without it- but I’ve only seen outdoor, backyard versions- so I’ve devised two different indoor Quidditch games for your wizards.

Both utilize the craft project the kids made at the beginning of your party and other NON-DAMAGING, readily attainable equipment. One requires a bigger space than the other: basements, garages, even rec or living rooms (with valuable breakables removed) will work just fine. And there’s an outdoor version included if that’s your plan.

When Quidditch has played itself out and the game score has been tallied, the Owl Express delivers “You Know Who’s” curse and starts the mystery rolling. After collecting well hidden clues, the first team to solve the puzzle wins big points for their House.

Compute the House scores for all the games, and serve your birthday cake and ice cream. No need to make a big deal out of who won and who didn’t- they’ve all had a great time!
  • Custom Invitations (you edit in your party particulars)
  • Invitation envelopes (you edit in your guests and addresses)
  • Game schedule to compute your party length for the invitations
  • Complete printing instructions
  • Complete instructions for each game, including preparation instructions
  • Paper based game props that you print out
  • Complete shopping list for non-printable props (all available at your local craft store)
  • Ideas for party gifts
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