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Magica Kids Party

10 Girls & possibly a younger sibling
10 - 11 Year Olds

You're sitting down enjoying a quiet moment: the kids are off doing something together. Then here they come. "Mom, Dad, will you watch our skit?" This has happened to me it seems like a thousand times. They LOVE doing this! So I developed my Magica party to give them what they love to do. For this birthday party, they'll be the Fairytale Players, presenting the original play "Saving Magica".

Kids love magic and fantasy, and that's the basis of Magica's plot. It's got good vs. evil, Queens and Princesses, witches and a Sorceress, a Fairy and a Fairy Godmother. All the stuff they really get into. It's age appropriately simple so they really can put it all together during your party. It's written for 10 players, and unless I've got it all wrong as the mother of 2 girls, this IS a girl thing. Reading and thinking skills require that the kids be in 5th or 6th grade- 4th if they're an advanced group or it's late in the school year.

And the real beauty of this party is the kids do almost all the work!

You just need to set up a space for their stage, provide some easily obtainable raw materials for simple props, nibbles to keep them going while they work and cake and ice cream when they're finished. It couldn't be easier!!

And space shouldn't be a problem. The party is scripted for 10 children, and they need an area about 10' x 10'. Outside, that's easy. Inside, you can use your basement, rec room, even a cleared out end of your living room- they're doing a play, not making a mess or acting wild.

Just as they want you to watch those little skits, your party kids need an audience- so their families come at a designated time to watch from the other end of the room you've chosen to use. They can be crowded- the play itself only takes about 15 minutes. You can also request that only 1 or 2 people per family attend if your space is tight. And it's these audience members that you will "draft" as your lighting specialists, curtain pullers, and camera people. You are the Director- cueing forgotten lines and stage directions, helping as needed. There is no costume director- the kids come in costume appropriate to their part.

They'll rehearse the play 2 or 3 times, depending how quickly it's going, and then either (1) perform for their parents and, if you've got room, their brothers and sisters, or (2) make some simple props (before the rehearsals- so they can be "thinking") and/or do make-up and hair before the show- these 2 activities are optional.

And if you're in a time crunch - THIS PARTY IS A GOOD CHOICE FOR YOU!! Preparation is simply printing the invitations and scripts, and assembling your prop materials, which is not a big deal. Figure about an hour of printing and an hour or preparation once you've got your supplies.

THIS MAGICA PARTY WORKS EQUALLY WELL INDOORS OR IN YOUR OUTDOOR THEATRE (which can be anywhere- patio, garage, in the middle of the yard)! Plan it for outdoors, and if it rains you're still O. K.!
You get scripts for each player that, obviously, contain the plot but also include stage directions (exit, curtain, etc.) and space for each player to write in their dialogue (based on the action in the script). It's simple enough that no one has many lines or actions to remember, and writing their own lines helps them learn it.

Based on Styrofoam forms available at your local craft store, just give them a table or the floor, glue and/or pins and assorted items for decoration (all outlined in the instructions) and they’ll turn themselves into Wizards-in-training!

Your required props involve cutting up a big box or two for your castle tower and drawbridge, and finding a big pot, an old broomstick handle and a junky old big necklace (or making a paper chain one instead). You'll need 2 sheets, a mirror, some gooseneck lamps and flashlights, or all flashlights. That's all.

You can also lengthen your party and have the kids make some additional, simple props: a castle wall backdrop (more boxes or a roll of brown craft paper and paint), princess hats and witches wands. I strongly recommend you include the making of the backdrop- we used ours for years after the party for various other activites the girls dreamed up.

Just the discarded scripts, scraps from the prop making and a few paint dribbles on your tarp from the backdrop painting, if you choose to include it. And you'll have lots of fun coaching the kids and playing Director.
  • A complete script, 1 for each child (plus one for you), highlighted to show their part/actions/dialogue and help them comprehend it all quickly. The script is written for 10 players- any more would make it too complicated and too tight when the audience arrives. One of the 10 is the birthday child and another CAN BE a little brother or sister (age 6 and up) or can be one of the invitees. So, you're inviting either 9 or 8 children.
  • Invitations, envelopes, and the little Parent invitation that slips inside, all set up so you edit in your party particulars and print. The invitation tells them very little other than that the Fairytale Players are presenting "Saving Magica", so their imaginations go to work and they get all excited about your party- guaranteeing it's success!
  • Postcards to send out when your RSVP's are in, assigning the parts and telling them to come in costume
  • Nametags so they know who is who when they begin the process.
  • A complete Supplies list (all readily obtainable and cheap).
  • A party Schedule with recommended timings for the various activites- so you can accurately figure out times for the Invitations and when to have the "audience" arrive.
  • Extensive directions for the props (they're easy and don't take long to make, but these instructions will walk you through the whole thing).
  • A simple to make "Playbook" party favor is included- it encourages creativity and literacy and sure beats a baggie full of candy and "junk"!
  • Of course, complete printing instructions are provided.
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