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Medieval Madness Murder Mystery Game

14, 15, 19 or 23 Guests
11 - 13 Year Olds

This Medieval Party takes place at a royal wedding reception.
On this page are some great decorating & costume ideas.

The Medieval Madness Birthday Party Game is a role-playing "Who Done It?" party for 11 - 13 year olds. Each guest is given a part and a brief description of the other characters ahead of time. The kids come in costume appropriate to their part and interact with the other players to achieve certain objectives, also provided ahead of time. A murder occurs during the party (you need an adult male to play this shortened part), followed by a medieval trial by ballot (You'll be amazed- they all want to be the guilty one!) 

It's complicated enough to make kids this age happy, yet it is easy to host. The kids are so busy playing the game, it doesn't matter if they do not all know each other well - a real plus if you're mixing different groups of friends at the party.
Kids Murder Mystery Party GameThis party has now been used by several people for organized groups such as Church youth groups, Girl Scouts, even an entire 6th grade! And it's been reported to be big success as a special group activity.

Designed as an indoor party, it's wonderful played in your castle courtyard under the stars!

Party preparation is almost all printing- prep time depends on your party size and printer speed, but will run between 45 minutes and 1 1/4 hours for the invitations and a little longer for the party itself (assuming 6 ppm b&w and 3 ppm color). BUT, you can set it up to run on "autopilot" and do something else while the pieces chug away.
Childrens Murder Mystery Game PART 1

The kids first spend a little time alone with the others from their country, figuring out what to do with their armies and gold pieces as they go after their objectives (remember the game of RISK?). IF they can agree on objectives! Then they all attend the "reception" before the wedding and go after their goals for between 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the group. These props lead to lots of trading, scheming, alliance making and nasty plotting- and laughter.

Then it's time for a break- Food. I fed them all a spaghetti dinner with silver candelabras and all, but pizza or even just snacks will work as well. This break segs into the second half of the party when, during the toast to the bride and groom, the host King Stephen drops dead from poisoning- you need an adult male to play this shortened part.


Having delivered each characters' "secrets" during the break, the party then proceeds to the trial by ballot and the execution (with the resurrected King Stephen as the executioner). The "secrets" stir things up a bit more and gives the kids ideas for the trial. Do not be surprised when they all WANT to be the guilty one! The lucky murderer is dragged out of the room by the executioner and renders a blood curdling scream.

Then, everybody can have Cake and Ice Cream to finish the party.
Full Medieval Party Package Includes:
  • Custom Invitations (you edit in your party particulars) 
  • invitation envelopes (you edit in your party particulars, guests and addresses)
  • Introductory Playbook and Map that go out with the Invitations
  • Full script and Detailed Part description for each character that goes out when the RSVP's are known
  • "Secrets" for each character that stir things up a bit more and are delivered during the party
  • Army and Gold Piece props to print and cut out
  • Complete printing instructions
  • Timetable and full party directions
All you do is provide the food or snacks and whatever paper goods they require.
Choose the Party size that Fits your needs:

Medieval Madness is written for 14, 15 ,19 or 23 players. Sprinkle in a few adults to play some parts and it's even better- they keep the kids on track and moving forward.

The party only requires two rooms: the same space for the two halves and a place for the snacks/break/meal.

The game itself, excluding the break and cake at the end, takes between 2 to 3 hours, depending on which size group you have.

And there’s almost no MESS!! Just the papers they’ll leave behind.
Wedding Decorating KitWedding Party Canopy

Kit includes:
4 - 12' garlands
1 - 12" tissue bell
1 - 7" party sign Easy Setup! - Just open and hang.
A self contained assembled Bridal Canopy.

Barbie PinataBarbie Pinata

The 18" Barbie pull string pinata will make a great decoration and then add to the fun.

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