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The Fabulous Fifties Theme Party Ideas - 1950's

This page was created to provide all the resources you need to host a fabulous fifties theme party. It will save you time and money in your party planning. Here you will find costumes and fashion accessories, decorations, activities, music, menu suggestions with recipes and much more. If you are looking for something not found here please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to find it. The 1950's were a vibrant and wholesome era, characterized by malt shops, sock hops, beatniks, the hula hoop, hot cars and cool jazz.
Class of '57 - A Killer Reunion - Experience a 1950's romantic murder mystery game. Step back in time and help solve a murder.
1950'S THEME IDEAS: - Black & Pink
- Soda Fountain
- Poodle Skirts & Pony Tails
- Bobbie Socks & Saddle Shoes
- Leather & Slicked back hair
- White t-shirts & cuffed jeans
- Drive-Ins
- The Jitterbug, The Stroll, The Twist
- 45's & LP's
- Elvis / The Everly Brothers / Jerry Lee Lewis / Nat King Cole
- Chuck Berry / Little Richard / Buddy Holly / Fats Domino
- Root Beer Floats & Milkshakes
- Cheeseburgers / Fries / Coke Bottle

1950's Costumes & Accessories: Poodle Skirts and more

Suggestion for using clothing you already have:
Wear a pair of jeans rolled up to the mid-calf and an un-tucked, white, buttoned down shirt with socks and tennis shoes. Complete the look with a scarf (female) or by slicking your hair back for a greaser look (male).
Fabulous Fifties Costumes
- Fabulous 1950's Costumes & Accessories - Make a 50's Girl Costume
- Make a 50's Guy Costume
- 50's Makeup and hair styles - How to for both men and women!
href="https://www.hairboutique.com/tips/tip483.htm" target="_blank">Hairstyles Blast from the past - How to do the flip.
- Hey Viv - poodle skirts, cat eye glasses, crinolines and affordable vintage clothing from the 50's.
- Learn how to fold a Pocket Square - 12 different folds shown!
- Learn how to tie Neckties & Bowties
- Makes Parties - Complete 50's theme items at wholesale prices
- Stop Staring! - 50's inspired glamorous clothing. This clothing is so chic it would be sure to turn heads anywhere you went. They also carry plus sizes. Prices are pretty reasonable.
- Vintage Martini -1950's clothing

Books on the 1950's: Fashions, Dance & More!

Cakes: Rockin' designs to compliment a 1950's party

Record Cake - Bake a round cake from your favorite recipe and frost with black frosting except for a circle in the center. Drag a fork or cake rake around the record part to make it look more realistic. Add your message in the center - IE: label.
- Chiffon Cake - An elegant fifties delight.
- Nifty '50's Ice Cream Cone Cake

Decorations and Craft Items for a 1950's theme party

- 50's Clipart
- Stay Out Poster - We have created a poster for you to hang in areas that you would like your guests to keep clear of!

Food & Recipes for hosting a 50's Dinner Party

- Dinner and a Murder 1950's Recipe Collection - Includes a large collection of Soda Fountain Recipes, Oodles of 50's Recipes, Cocktail Recipes & Murder Mystery Theme Recipes.
- Soda Fountain Recipes - Dinner and a Murder Mystery Games has compiled some of the best soda fountain recipes around.

The following items aren't fifties theme but they are murder theme which is just as good to bring to a murder mystery party!
- Mystery Soup - Put a little Mystery in your dinner party with this wonderful Mystery Soup Recipe.
- Death by Chocolate Cake - This is sinfully sweet recipe that will make any sweet tooth happy!
- Murderous Meatballs -
- Heart Attack in a Crock Pot -
- Killer Cheese Dip (HOT!) -
- 1950's Style Meatloaf Recipe - This is a delightful 1950's Meatlof Recipe.
- 1950's Recipe Collection - Dinner and a Murder Mystery Games has compiled a 1950's Recipe Collection that has a dish for everyone!

Games & other Fabulous Fifties theme activities

Each Game listed links to a page where you can buy any needed items at wholesale prices!
- 50's Name that Tune Contest
- Hula Hoop Contest
- Limbo Contest
- Blow the Biggest Bubble Contest - Bazooka makes great bubbles
- Drag Races - Set up a course on a table top or floor with 2 hot wheel type die cast cars. At the drop of the scarf, each racer must blow their car through the course with a straw. Class of '57 - A Killer Reunion - Experience a 1950's romantic murder mystery game. Step back in time and help solve a murder.

Invitations and Stationary for a 50's Party

- Elvis Invitations - Elvis is in the House with a great selection of paper goods and decorations to make your party memorable.
- Invitations - A huge selection of very unique invitations.
- Meri Meri - Classic Car invitation
- Rock Scissor Paper- retro invitations

Jewelry - Accessorize your 1950's costumes

- Collectible Costume Jewelry- from the 50's

Theme Ideas & Plans for a Fifties Party

- All about 1957 - Historic facts & figures
- 50's Wedding Theme Ideas
Murder Mystery Games
  • A roaring 1920's gangster murder mystery party game that takes place at the Four Deuces speakeasy.
    » Murder at the Four Deuces
  • The Tame version of Murder at the Four Deuces. Suitable for fund raisers, company team building events and groups a little more conservative.
    » Four Deuces - Tame
  • This sequel to our very popular Murder at the Four Deuces gangster game takes place 4 years later.
    » Four Deuces 2
  • A girls pampering hen party, with a chocolate theme, and a little mystery too.
    » Death By Chocolate
  • Political Intrigue among the Vampyr (Vampire) Houses, Mage Guild, Were Clans & the Fae Court. Not your normal ghouls & goblins. A Costume Ball setting that is perfect for Halloween Parties!
    » The Immortal Murders
  • A contemporary murder mystery game that takes place at the Holiday Party of the law firm Lie, Cheat & Steal.
    » The Santa Clause
  • A very clean romantic murder mystery game with a Class Reunion theme. You can use any year or decade setting for this game. Suitable for conservative groups.
    » A Killer Reunion
  • For one night, we will return to the Fabulous Fifties, when Elvis was at the top of the charts. Sock hops, hula-hoops, and poodles were radioactive. Getting pinned meant something altogether different than it does these days. Suitable for conservative groups.
    » A Class of 57
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    » eGift Certificates
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