Goth Makeup Tips

You should create the illusion that you really are that pale; not that you caked makeup all over your face. Apply makeup in a well lighted room.

Use a good base: Not even the most gifted makeup artist can get the necessary coverage from inferior makeup. If you have dark skin, don't try to do whiteface unless you're going for a very stylized harlequin look or are willing to put makeup on all exposed skin areas. Try using a base just one or two shades lighter than your own color, and then put white powder over it.

Be sure to apply your base evenly with a sponge & do not over powder. Do not end your makeup at the jawline. Be sure to cover all visible areas, unless you are going for the Mime look!

Always start out with Black Eye Liner. Liquid eyeliner is better, but you can use a high quality pencil if necessary. Cheap pencils go on faint and smudge quickly. Line your upper lid, you can do a thick line and then smudge a bit.

Next add your eye shadow on upper lids, layer the eye shadow, do at least 2 applications, then use a white shimmer eye shadow color under the arch of your eye brow. You can then apply a very shear shimmer all over the upper lid.

Find a shade of lipstick in a deep blood red if possible and apply it with a lipbrush. Males may want to go with black.

Do your nails in colors according to their length. Long nails look good in blood red, medium length looks good in black, but short nails below the tip should be done in a white color.